Six Brexit-proof careers

Following the result of the referendum, opinions and researches were published on the reality facing people across the UK if Brexit holds firm.

Articles highlighting the possible negative impacts of Brexit on the UK economy and by extension, populace abound online. There are even more articles opining that Brexit won’t have any negative impact going forward.

In the midst of it all, however, one thing is certain. Many people are afraid of losing their careers. This piece takes a look at some of the top Brexit proof careers. Combined with other forms of protection, such as cover from professional indemnity insurance, and overall stability for these jobs despite economic conditions, people in these careers can enjoy rest of mind on the career front.

Digital Marketing Professionals

When consumer spending and customer numbers dwindle, businesses have to find smarter ways to use their marketing spend. Digital marketing professionals offer this solution with services such as web design, search engine optimisation, social media strategy and content creation. Companies will always rely on them to acquire new leads or increase conversions.

Mental Health Care Professionals

In a time such as this, people are stressed about various issues ranging from the state of their finances to the safety of their careers. This can lead to some personal and interpersonal psychological issues. So even though mental health care professionals already have their hands full in normal conditions, Brexit only adds to the workload instead of reducing it. There is even a specialised helpline to help with people who have fears over Brexit.

Medical Professionals

Brexit or not, health problems amongst the populace will remain. Even when some attempt to ignore medical care, problems that are serious and require high profile treatment including surgery cannot be ignored. As mentioned above, the current political climate can increase individual and family stress, causing general public health to further deteriorate. So people in the Medical profession such as nurses, physical therapists and physicians have Brexit-proof careers.


Even as the final details are still being put together, UK-based companies are already setting up legal entities that will remain in the European Union. Fully qualified Accountants are pivotal to this process and therefore they will remain in demand in a post-Brexit UK.


Lawyers will remain in high demand post-Brexit, especially those who are able to pick apart EU treaties. Lawyers will remain unaffected because different companies will need legal advisors to navigate any murky waters there may be after Brexit is rounded off.

Online business owners

Established online business owners that have been shipping goods around the world or providing services to people from around the globe have Brexit-proof careers. Granted, profit margins for providing services to some parts of the world may reduce but the impact will not be near enough to put them out of business.

As Britain continues to process Brexit, these are top career paths that will remain largely unaffected or even boosted over the coming years. Britain’s departure from an economic union that has lasted for decades will be set into motion by the triggering of the ever talk-about Article 50.

It will then be up to the new Prime Minister Theresa May to renegotiate trade deals with the individual member states to ensure the economic impact is minimal, and the British job market can continue to thrive.

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