A Waste-Less Journey | How to prevent waste and save money

With an astonishing 15 million tonnes of food being wasted in our homes, per year (most of which is still perfectly edible), it’s not surprising that it’s costing households an average of £470 a year.

As working women, it’s very easy to be laid back about the amount of food used and thrown, but with a busy work schedule, ensuring leftover food is used up completely is a task that can only be seen as a target.

Many are totally unaware of the freezing abilities of a lot of foods; with milk, cheese and even mashed potato being just a few of them.

As cheese is a notoriously a pricey item to purchase in your weekly shop, freezing blocks for the remainder of the month could save you a couple of pounds.

Leftover vegetables (or those just within the sell by date), are perfect ingredients for a soup. Although it may seem unappetising, soup is a sure fire way of ensuring those foods are used up without the worry of decay. Is it also long lasting, as soup has the ability to be frozen and eaten for an extended period.

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