Bloody Funny Comedy Fundraiser | Bloody Good Period

BLOODY GOOD PERIOD, the charity launched to end period poverty, has unveiled the line-up for Bloody Funny, its annual comedy fundraising night.

  • Bloody Funny, the comedy fundraiser for period poverty charity Bloody Good Period, returns to London’s Conway Hall
  • Comedian, writer and actor Jen Brister reprises her role as MC
  • Sindhu Vee, Sophie Duker and Rosie Jones are just some of the leak-out-loud line-up for the annual fundraiser, now in its seventh year.

A stellar line-up of comedians will take to the stage of London’s Conway Hall on Tuesday 12th September, debunking period shame and stigma, as well as raising essential funds for charity Bloody Good Period.

Comedian, actor and writer Jen Brister will host some of the UK’s best and brightest comedic talent including Sindhu Vee, Sophie Duker and Rosie Jones to raise funds for Bloody Good Period.

All money raised on the night will go towards funding the work of Bloody Good Period, distributing period products to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or access them. As we face a prolonged cost of living crisis, the charity is experiencing unprecedented demand. Bloody Good Period’s CEO, Rachel Grocott, said:

“We’re distributing record numbers of period products to people who need them – yet we can’t meet all the demand that’s out there because the cost of living crisis is so severe. No-one should be forced into having a terrible period because they’re struggling to pay bills or buy food.

The money raised by Bloody Funny will go a long way towards helping us meet this growing need. On top of that, it’s a joyful occasion that brings people together for much-need laughter – something we all bloody need right now.”

Bloody Good Period has secured a corporate sponsor to cover the costs of running its popular annual comedy event. Thanks to its sponsor Spark Dot Company, every penny raised from ticket sales and donations will be going directly towards helping the vital work delivered by the Bloody Good Period team.

Bloody Funny 2022 takes place on Tuesday 12th September, live at Conway Hall. Tickets are available to buy online now from £17.50. Doors open from 6.30pm and show starts at 7.30pm.

For more information or interview requests with BGP Founder Rachel Grocott, please email: [email protected]

Facts. Period.

  • Lifetime cost of a period: £4 on tampons, £4 on pads, plus £2 panty liners = £10 x 12 months x 40 years = £4,800
  • People with no recourse to public funds, primarily asylum seekers, receive a weekly allowance of just under £45, and with period products costing on average £10 a month, many cannot afford them.
  • Bloody Good Period delivered 119.4k packs of products in 2022 – that’s 87% more period products than a year ago – supporting those affected by the cost of living crisis, and refugees fleeing crises around the world.
  • BGP also runs education sessions for asylum seekers, refugees, and people that cannot access them; supports workplace menstrual equity through their Bloody Good Employers program and raises awareness of menstrual inequity and how it affects women and people who menstruate (read our report here), making periods a normal, comfortable topic of conversation for everyone (check out BGP’s social feeds for more).
  • Bloody fab: BGP has distributed 60K packs of period products so far this year. Not so fab: the full volume of requests is 43% higher. There are 50 organisations on our waiting list who we’re unable to help right now – but events like Bloody Funny will help to raise more £££ for our pad fund.


Bloody Good Period

About Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period was started by Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin, who decided something needed to be done to create a sustainable flow of menstrual products for those who can’t afford to buy them. What started as a whip-round on Facebook is now a growing charity, with a vision to achieve menstrual equity – where the simple fact of bleeding doesn’t stop anyone from participating fully in society, or life.

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