Champions Cinema: Share your story to offer hope and encouragement and harness the power of peer support

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We’ve all had a lot to deal with this year- whether it’s navigating uncertainties in the workplace and relationships during a pandemic, having concerns around the health of your partner or elderly relatives or home schooling children whilst still being at the top of you game and delivering for your clients.

We all perform better – at university, at work, at home, on a sports field – when we have a purpose, are confident, motivated, and completely focused on being the best we can be. Good mental health underpins this.

But wait a minute, where are you on this list? How have you been? How have you processed what you have been through in the last 8 months? Sometimes just pausing and taking a moment to reflect can make a massive difference.

We know that sometimes life is beyond challenging and other times it’s downright frustrating with everything else in between, but there is hope.

Frog Systems has created a mental health and wellbeing video platform for this very reason; to communicate powerful messages of hope, support and encouragement to those who might be struggling with life’s challenges. Its Champions Cinema contains hundreds of professionally curated videos of real people sharing their journeys.

Video stories engage us with the content in a way that is not possible with print. The impact is immediate, attention is caught, emotions are stirred, authenticity and credibility recognised, and the story becomes relatable. We are 95% more likely to retain a message after watching a video compared with 10% when reading text.

Frog aims to bridge the gap between someone struggling and taking that first step to seeking the support they need. It is hoped that by hearing from people who can help or have overcome similar challenges, we will feel less inhibited or stigmatised about these challenges and will reach out and take personal ownership of them.

It is vital – now more than ever – that we educate ourselves, we speak out and we use our voices, and we try to understand… and at the moment listening and learning from others are our most powerful tools.

If we truly want to create a compassionate and empathetic society, we must ‘normalise’ the ability to speak up.

Frog values Diversity and Inclusion and we are looking to enhance the Champions Cinema with more diverse stories. We’re also super delighted that Vanessa Vallely will be leading the way!  If you are open to being involved and comfortable sharing a story then contact Joyce Osei on [email protected]

Your story could be about returning to work after a career break, how you have coped during the lockdown or on the menopause.

Whatever your story, we would love to hear from you because it’s important to see life through a different lens so you can get the support you need.

You would only have to give up 15 minutes of your time, but the impact you make could last for years.

Frog’s ultimate ambition is to become the YouTube of Hope & Wellbeing.

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