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How to deal with burnout

We hear more and more about people burning out and the language itself can conjure up some dramatic images and episodes. People imagine that burnout is something dramatic, the collapse on the bathroom floor or the breakdown on public transport that shows that actually you are close to the edge. But often it manifests itself...
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Companies are failing to prioritise health and wellbeing

Companies are failing to prioritise health and wellbeing, according to new research. The research, conducted by AXA PPP healthcare, found that UK small businesses are struggling to respond to health and wellbeing needs of employees amid high stress and anxiety. Small businesses employ more than 16 million people and make up half of the UK’s...
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Nicola Russill-Roy featured

Tips on how to stay mentally & physically fit whilst working from home

In this article, Nicola Russill-Roy gives us her tips on how to stay mentally and physically fit whilst working from home. Nicola Russill-Roy is CEO of wedding PR specialist agency (England’s first agency dedicated to representing brands in the wedding industry) – Propose PR and Propose PR Consultancy. Nicola’s tips on how to stay mentally...
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I’m suffering from depression and anxiety – how do I tell my boss?

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health conditions in the UK; one in three people will experience symptoms during their lifetime. During Mental Health Awareness Week, a top Priory psychiatrist talks employees through ten important tips – and reminds employers to make mental health their business… In today’s economic climate, many can be...
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Minding out for each other | Mental Health Awareness Week

We are all pretty adept at spotting the signs of physical ailments in our work colleagues and friends, but what about their mental health…  With this week’s focus on Mental Health Awareness, do you know what you should be looking out for?  And how to respond appropriately if you have concerns? When I started writing...
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Hope Virgo featured

WeAreFutureLeaders Speaker Spotlight: Hope Virgo

WeAreTheCity speaks to Hope Virgo, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker and Author of Stand Tall Little Girl. Hope is also one of the panellist at our upcoming WeAreFutureLeaders conference on 24 May. Hope Virgo is the Author of Stand Tall Little Girl, and an international leading advocate for people with eating disorders. Hope helps young people and...
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Cara de Lange featured

WeAreFutureLeaders Speaker Spotlight: Cara de Lange

WeAreTheCity speaks to Cara de Lange, Wellbeing mentor, speaker and author of Softer Success. Cara is also one of the keynote speakers at our upcoming WeAreFutureLeaders conference on 24 May. Cara de Lange is an international wellbeing mentor, author and speaker. She runs workshops and talks focusing on relieving stress and changing people’s mindset to...
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How to deal with stress this Stress Awareness Month

According to the Health and Safety Executive, in 2017 and 2018, more than half a million people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they believed was making them ill.  That’s 40 per cent of all work-related illness. This Stress Awareness Month, a variety of business leaders and executives have come together to give...
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