Could you become a role model for Diversity Role Models & help tackle bullying in schools across England?

Diversity Role Models - Embracing Difference campaign

Could you help Diversity Role Models in their exciting new project – Embracing Difference, Ending Bullying?

Diversity Role Models (DRM) is a registered charity established in 2011, that embeds inclusion and builds empathy through educational workshops in schools featuring personal, lived-experience stories from LGBT+ and ally role models. The workshops help students understand the impact of their language and actions, equipping them with the skills to challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic comments and bullying happening within the student body, driving a school culture shift to celebrating and embracing differences.

Each workshop features at least one volunteer role model who shares their personal lived experience as part of the educational session.

Diversity Role Models has been selected by the Department for Education to deliver a programme which empowers schools to take a stand against all forms of bullying. As part of this programme, DRM are looking to broaden their pool of role models and stories to tackle bullying across all schools in England.

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What is a role model?

Role models are storytellers; they are volunteers who are integral to DRM’s educational workshops. Role models share their story in a classroom setting to inspire empathy among students and young people.

Each workshop features at least one role model who shares a 5-minute personal lived experience story about facing prejudice and/or bullying themselves, or being an ally to those who do.

If you have a personal story to share linked to experiences of bullying and/or any of the protected characteristics (race, religion/belief, disability, sex, pregnancy/maternity, age, marriage/divorce, sexual orientation, and gender identity), sign up to be a role model for this project!

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