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Then why not allow yourself to Ask, Believe and Receive!

Week 3 – RECEIVE

Hello again and welcome to the January blog on Ask, Believe and Receive.

As a quick reminder…….

So as a woman you are expected to be a wife, lover, mother, housekeeper, business-woman and not forgetting looking after yourself and looking fabulous but most of us feel we have to do it all ourselves so now I’m simply going to suggest you take on a different viewpoint and ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE. This week we will look at Receive.


Hopefully you feel that your home is your sanctuary, your little palace, a safe haven away from the world. So why not allow yourself to enjoy it more. As I said in an earlier blog we all need to work to pay the mortgage or the rent, put food on the table, and provide for our families. But why not spend a little more time with the ones you love. Give them some of your time, feel the joy that comes bouncing back at you because they are having fun with you.

Allow time for you and your husband/partner, go out on a date and receive the love they are giving you. Accept the compliments because believe me when he says – you look beautiful tonight darling, you truly do. Look around you, accept the love that surrounds you but most importantly remember to take a minute to enjoy it, embrace it, and truly feel it especially in your own home.


Hmmmm I can hear you say – well what do I receive at work! Firstly I hope you are all working at something you love, if not change it, secondly we all want to receive respect and praise but do you allow yourself to recognise it and accept it. Do you remember the last time your boss or colleague thanked you for a piece of work or job well done? If not, why not?

Turn it around and take a step back and ask yourself when was the last time you gave a compliment or praise to a colleague or yes indeed your boss. Remember what goes around comes around. Find yourself supporting and praising others and you will see what an amazing job you do and how they in turn encourage and compliment you. Allow you to receive it and enjoy. It’s a wonderful feeling and will no doubt inspire you to greater things.


Your whole life is filled with experiences, emotions, ideas and opinions put upon us by our families, peers and friends – it therefore isn’t too surprising that we take things personally. Can you imagine what it would be like to not take them on-board to feel at peace with what anyway says, well you can as it is a simple mind-set and choice.

So for a second think about your childhood, was it good, bad or indifferent? What about secondary school, university or further education – did you enjoy it? And what about now are you settled, happy in your life, in your marriage/partnership, your career? All along the way you received guidance, other people’s opinions but ultimately it was your choice to decide what to receive and accept and act upon.

As we get older we can understand our parents’ thoughts, how they were looking out for us but nevertheless allowed us the opportunity to learn our own lessons. So my suggestion to you is simple. For the next day allow yourself to look at what you receive. Mentally make a note or write it down but acknowledge whether it is:-

  • a good morning greeting
  • a kiss from you husband/partner
  • a hug from your child
  • a well done from your boss
  • guidance from a friend
  • a suggestion from a parent
  • an invitation to dinner from a friend
  • a walk in the park and the presence of nature
  • acknowledging that you breathe without thinking
  • that you are feeling healthy
  • that you have money in your bank account
  • and lastly that you allowed yourself a moment to read this

 It feels good – now this is how to truly receive every day!

As Rhonda Byrne said

Ask once, believe you have received, and all you have to do to receive is feel good.’

I will leave you with the thought that you can create the vision of your life by simply allowing yourself to believe that in your innermost heart you must believe that you can succeed where others have failed. Surprise yourself and aim high!

Calmred™ has a vital vision for you and/or your business! Do you? Feel the need for change and some direction then please get in touch.

ASK me for help if the energy feels right, BELIEVE that I can guide and support you and RECEIVE amazing insight into a wonderful future ahead.

Twitter: @ShirleyCalmred & @CalmredLtd

I look forward to hearing from you.

About the author

Shirley Palmer is our Spiritual Mentor Blogger. Shirley is the developer of The Calmred™ Process. Click the following to find out more: Calmred, Facebook, Twitter
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