What is The Girls-In Movement?

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Founder of The Girls-In Movement, Prameet Dhaliwal, shares her story on why she decided to launch the not-for-profit and what its goals are.

“I want to empower young girls across the world to believe that they can wake up one day and have the confidence to kick-start their own idea or venture.” – Founder, The Girls-In Movement, Prameet Dhaliwal

A brand new movement has already grabbed the attention of a few founders across the world with a simple podcast.

The Movement is very much in it’s infancy but already taking great leaps in terms of it’s goals and what it wants to achieve.

Founder of The Girls-In Movement, Prameet Dhaliwal also known as Polly has started this project to empower young girls with little or no access to education – across the world.

She has worked for corporate companies but made the move to the startup world a couple of years ago, she is currently working for an E-learning technology platform called Appdopt.

“I feel very lucky, that if I wake up one morning with an idea that I think could change the world or improve someone’s life. I have the resources to research and develop my ideas even further.

However I know there are young children across the world who do not have access to basic education, how do we solve this problem”?

The Girls-In Movement has one simple objective, which is to educate young children across the globe & empower them with a strong mentality that their ideas could one day change the world.

What does success look like…

A girl in a small village on the other side of the world, can be connected with a CEO/ Founder from any country. She can ask questions, ask for advice and see how they can make a small idea/dream into a reality.

The Girls-In Movement is very much an early stage project but has been backed by founders already across the UK.

“The common route for young girls in villages in India for example, is to get married at a young age and follow the path of their mothers and grandmothers. I want to see what we can do to inspire these young girls.”

Polly recognises that young girls in rural villages do not have the minimum access to education.

Based on the latest available data from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics(UIS), there are roughly 130 million girls not in school.

Polly is keen to grab the attention of more founders across the world so she can get this movement off the ground and make more people aware of these shocking statistics around young children and education.

She has started series 1 of The Girl-In Movement Podcast, talking with female founders across the world which has already gained a wide interest.

She is always looking for exciting start up stories to encourage her listeners, so do get in touch with Polly if you are interested or know someone that has an inspiring story.

“The podcasts are a great way to connect with founders across the world and hear their stories.

In the current series alone I have already got a number of ides of where this movement could go. Also with the backing of each podcast guest so far it gives me huge confidence in the movement itself.”

Podcast guests so far have included US based Founder & CEO of Modsy, Shanna Tellerman. Michelle Hua Founder of Made with Glove & Founder & CEO of Travel App Hitlist Gillian Morris.

The Girls-In movement is a lean and exciting project to follow, with no website or funding it is an inspiring movement for young girls and we want to see where it goes…

You can access the podcasts here: Girls In Movement or follow Girls –In on social Media

If you would like to contact the founder, feel free to find out more.

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