How NOT to get stressed by your workout? Written by a Mum for Mums

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If you want something done, done fast, and done well, ask a mum! 

Claire Cole @movementformums has done just that, she’s created a range of 20 minute mood boosting workouts you can do anywhere.

She believes it’s essential to listen to your body and do something you love, something that fits with your lifestyle as workouts should alleviate stress not cause it. According to Claire, guilt and stress can do more damage to our bodies than chocolate!  All movement counts, you don’t have to put yourself through a one hour punishing HIIT class to feel good when you are a time strapped mum and leader of your household.  Do something for YOU and be the best version of YOU

Exercise is so important, not only for the mental and physical health benefits but it also has a large impact on our energy levels and confidence.  We wouldn’t think twice about visiting the Doctor for a physical ailment yet we still don’t treat our mental health with the same importance.

Here’s some hot tips to make the most out of your workouts and your time.

Get up and do it

Claire streams FREE live 20 minute total body exercise classes three mornings a week, you’ll be in the shower by 6.30 am!  You have an entire morning of hair pulling, screaming and split juice to ahead so do something first thing for YOU that makes YOU feel good.  Just get up and do it.

Listen to your body

Commit to finding a way to move your body every day in a way that fits with your lifestyle.  Listen to your body, don’t punish it.  When you’ve been up with your little one more times than down at night and you don’t have the energy for that planned 7 am HIIT class, try 20 minutes of stretching instead.  On the flip side if you wake up with a ton of energy, go smash that workout!

 Don’t over think it

Before you convince yourself the To Do list can’t wait, set the alarm 30 mins early, take that time for YOU.  The screaming and spilt juice will still be there when you’re finished, however your mood and energy levels will be boosted for the whole day, you will feel like you can take on the world and win!

Keep it simple

We fail when we try to achieve the unachievable, time is limited for all of us mums.  Don’t get stuck in a cycle of euphoria, withdrawal and guilt.  Remember that workout you did a week ago that made you feel amazing, the withdrawal you felt when you haven’t done it since then and now the guilt of not being able to fit it in?  Be kind to yourself, keep it simple.

Make it social

When the kids are in bed, get the girls round for a Friday night workout you can do together then order the dirty takeaway and indulge in the Netflix binge!  We are more likely to workout when we feel motivated and when it’s fun, so do it together!

Claire’s passion for intuitive exercise that boosts your mood and supports your mental health comes from her own experience of agoraphobia in her 20s to PND in her 30’s.  She’s on a mission to get mums feeling good about themselves and her enthusiasm for movement that works for you is infectious.

You can find Claire teaching her online free classes at

Claire ColeAbout the author

Claire Cole, founder of Movement for Mums is challenging us to think differently about fitness.

Claire believes that physical exercise is just as much of a powerful mental workout for your mind as well as your body.

Movement for Mums is born out of Claire’s passion for intuitive fitness that supports our mental health, she believes working out can be as enjoyable and as addictive as a Friday night Netflix binge with a big glass of wine!  She tells us that physical exercise generates happy neurotransmitters like popping candy in the brain, these endorphins wash away the stress and anxiety chemicals and help boost our mood for the whole day.

As a working mum with more than 20 years of experience in a high powered and high-pressured corporate space, she is now on a single-minded mission to inspire women to achieve their full wellbeing potential.  Understanding first-hand the struggle of balancing career and family life helps Claire relate to the challenges faced by her clients.

She has combined her extensive knowledge of driving successful behaviour change in the workplace and her fitness and wellbeing knowledge to deliver effective and motivational coaching, that comes from the heart.

Claire’s drive and ambition to support mental health comes from her own experience of agoraphobia in her 20s and post-natal depression in her 30’s.  She’s on a mission to get women feeling good about themselves and her enthusiasm is infectious. You can find Claire teaching free online classes streamed live three mornings a week, to find out more check out

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