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How to get away from your desk and get active

Over a third of UK adults aren’t getting enough exercise. We get it – between commuting, work, school runs etc. it can feel like there isn’t enough time to fit everything in. That’s why this May Sophie Grace Holmes has teamed up with Red Bull on their Active When On Lunch (AWOL) campaign to encourage...
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Iron Girl – good intentions, bad timing

Starting the new year with a fresh piece of controversy (which we all love secretly). In this article we are going to explore the recent blunder that is the announcement of Iron Girl. On the 15th of January Ironman Triathlon on their UK twitter page recently announced their newest venture, this was called Iron Girl....
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Worlds top fitstagrammer earns a third of male counterpart’s income

Despite making up 84 per cent of Instagram’s fitness bloggers, women are still being paid significantly less than male bloggers. Sommer Ray, the most popular ‘fitstagrammer’ on Instagram, is estimated to earn £4 million a year. The fitness star can earn $26,275 (£20,000) per post – which amass up to 500,000 likes – with the images...
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Third of UK workers place blame of higher obesity levels with employers

More than a third of UK workers claim their employers have contributed to higher levels of obesity, as study has found. Surveying 1,197 workers, Willis PMI Group, part of Willis Towers Watson, found that 34% of workers believe employers have directly contributed to obesity levels in the UK. 59% said this was down to longer...
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4 Exercises You Can Do in Your Work Place

We live in a world where we are always at work. We do not have time to take good care of ourselves. We begin to neglect ourselves and therefore, end up gaining weight. Exercise takes a lot of time and effort which deflects a lot of people from practicing it regularly. Sometimes, work is also...
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How to get rid of those muffin tops | Spring Fitness

That weight around your middle sure can be stubborn to lose, anyone who’s tried to get rid of their muffin tops can agree how difficult it is to get rid of them. If you want to challenge your wobbly belly and sides, or just want to tone up your middle area, use these tips alongside...
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Get moving and burn the fat | Weight loss without dieting with Maryon Stewart

In the fifth installment of Maryon Stewart’s weight loss guide, she discusses exercise and finding the perfect fitness regime for you. Incorporating regular exercise into your daily life is one factor that can improve the control of blood sugar, speed up your metabolic rate and help you to lose weight, as well as having many...
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Your guide to a successful 2016: Kick start your body

2016 is here and so is another January full of New Year’s resolutions, positive thinking and a chance to finally get that fresh start you’ve been hoping for. Our 2016 body guide will motivate you to stick to that diet and fitness regime and get the body that you’ve always wanted! Fitness and Dieting Articles...
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