How to create the perfect sales strategy for your business in 2023

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Article by Charlie Day, sales expert and author of the business bestseller ‘Sales is Easy if You Just Know How’

Hands up who has got their sales strategy ready for 2023? Most of us just start selling without being strategic but If you want to bring in more money into your business this year, you need to get strategic.

Today I’m going to share the exact steps you need to take to maximise your sales.

1. Start by asking yourself some key questions

Before we start to sell, we need to be prepared. Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself these questions as they will all inform your sales strategy.

  • Do you have a goal for the sales in your business? If not, then that’s start here!
  • Have you broken your goal down into sales targets?
  • Does your content speak directly to your audience?
  • Are you following up on a daily basis?
  • Is it easy to buy from you?
  • Is your upsell clear?
  • Are you closing people down?

We’ll cover more on some of these topics further in the article.

  1. Set a sales goal

If we’re not setting goals, we’re not reaching our full potential. Goal setting has changed my life but it’s important not to pick an arbitrary number. Firstly, think about the end goal and reverse engineer it, so start with how much do you want to earn? Now consider: how much do I need to sell to make that?

Now brainstorm all the ways in which you can tell people about your offer.

  1. Think about your messaging

You will hear me talking about basing your messaging around your customers biggest wants and needs. We want to make clear what people will get from us if they buy from us, what transformation they will see and how they will feel.

When you shift your messaging from you trying to create more sales to focusing on your customers biggest wants and needs, the sales come a lot easier. What will people miss out on if they don’t buy from you? Make this really clear in your messaging on social media and when talking to potential leads.

  1. Create a sold-out mindset

Mindset is something we need to consistently work on as business owners. To sell, we need to have the mindset of a champion. Mindset is one of the most important things you need to keep working on to move your business forward so don’t neglect it. In order to create a sold-out mindset, you need a few things.

Firstly, you need to know EXACTLY why your product or service helps. Why would someone need it and how can it help? This will increase your belief in your product or service. You need to 100% believe that your product or service is the solution because if you don’t believe it, neither will they. Once you know this, selling becomes so much easier!

Next, let go of any limitations. Break through that glass ceiling you placed on yourself by creating a plan of how many you want to sell, then DOUBLE IT! What is the worst that could happen by writing it down?

  1. Ask for the sale

Are you spending too much time on sales-like activities rather than actually reaching out, talking to customers and asking for the sale.

I am sure the time you are spending on your business is useful, but without the sales you don’t have a business!

Make sure you are checking in on how you spend your time, to ensure you are making the best use of the selling time you have available.

Could you spend more time talking to your potential customers? This is why I’m always saying to go and follow up. Previously in my community, we did a follow up per day challenge in my members area and people saw huge results.

Following up is a vital piece to your selling strategy, especially since 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact. I recommend keeping a tracker of the leads you have previously reached out to so you can easily get back in touch and see how you can help them.

Sales doesn’t have to be complicated with the right sales strategy.

If you’d like to learn more, come on over to my free facebook community for business owners, The Entrepreneurs Growth Club, so I can help you make more sales.

Charlie DayAbout the author

Charlie Day is a sales expert and author of the business bestseller ‘Sales is Easy if You Just Know How’. She is the founder of the free facebook community for business owners The Entrepreneurs Growth Club to help them make more sales.

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