Improving your personal brand is the fast-track ticket to employment

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Securing your dream job doesn’t just come down to your skills and experience – it’s all about curating your personal brand.

When an employer can visualise you as a person, rather than simply a name on a page, they can assess whether you’d be a good fit for their team. Your personal brand encapsulates your values, interests and personality – and ultimately, shapes your reputation. So how can you boost yours?

Expand your network

Attend networking events for your sector and utilise the time to build on your existing relationships as well as making new ones. When you meet someone new, make an effort to not only remember their name, but also what you discussed with them. Then, if you connect with them on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to engage with their posts on a more personal level – reinforcing the positive relationship you’ve already initiated.

Position yourself

Ever heard of an elevator pitch? Essentially, it’s a short positioning statement that describes who you are, what you do and why you’re brilliant at it. It should be no longer than a minute or two – roughly the same amount of time you might find yourself standing next to someone else in an elevator. Creating an elevator pitch encourages you to identify your strengths and communicate them in the most concise way possible. It’s also an invaluable tool for networking events.

Be inquisitive

Ask questions – about your colleagues, the projects you’re working on and the people you meet. This proves that you’re genuinely interested and engaged, but it flatters other people too. Besides, asking plenty of questions makes you more memorable – ensuring you’re not left sitting in silence during meetings and social events. After all, when an employer asks for a reference from your previous employer it’s vital that they know exactly who you are. 

Demonstrate your strengths

While the more introverted among us may feel uncomfortable with shouting about our successes, it’s crucial that you can show employers where your strengths lie. Many employees are hired or promoted based on their individual performance, so don’t shy away from showcasing your ability to meet targets or motivate your team members. Alternatively, get other people to flaunt it for you – you may come to a point where your personal brand begins to speak for itself. Encourage your colleagues to endorse your skills on LinkedIn or even provide you with testimonials for your portfolio.

Be authentic

The importance of authenticity should never be underestimated. Sure, your personal brand should be carefully curated – but it should also be genuine. Otherwise, you risk ruining your reputation when someone discovers that how you’ve presented yourself doesn’t align with what others are saying about you. Always focus on the best way to present your skills and experience, rather than what you think others would like to see.

Once you’ve nailed your personal brand, it’s time to start showing it off to employers!

Lucy EvansAbout the author

Lucy Evans is an Executive Recruitment Consultant specialising within the Wealth Management industry. She works for Heat Recruitment, a specialist recruitment agency based in Bristol operating across the UK that specialise in EngineeringInformation TechnologyInsuranceFinancial Services and the Legal sector. They place candidates in both permanent and contract roles.

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