Just six per cent of women feel positive about their periods

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Just six per cent of women feel positive about their periods, according to new research.

The research, conducted by Anglian Water and FabLittleBag, revealed a surprising range of attitudes and experiences about how women handle their periods.

When asked how they felt about their periods, 61 per cent of those surveyed expressing negative feelings, with women saying they were “absolutely sick to death of them.”

A third of women felt neutral about their periods, saying they feel “philosophical” and “it’s just part of life as a woman.”

Those who viewed their periods positively said they tried to “see it as a period in the month where I can (must) take some much needed rest.” Others said, “I like experiencing the changes in my cycle, women’s bodies are amazing.”

The survey also found that while 75 per cent of women felt that periods weren’t taboo for them personally, but many still observed some privacy around the topic.

One respondent said, “I don’t brandish my tampon around the workplace like some light sabre, but if I have no pockets I’m happy to just carry it in my hand.”

It was also revealed that women feel uncomfortable discussing periods with men. Women commented saying, “It’s not mentioned around the men folk,” “I wouldn’t discuss them with my dad or another guy,” and “men tend to be a bit squeamish.”

Martha Silcott of FabLittleBag said, “Women are often surprised to learn that other people’s periods are so different.”

“By not discussing the subject, we perpetuate the taboo and ignorance around periods and important issues like disposal.”

“It’s such a pity that men are kept out of the conversation too.”

“This is particularly important for fathers, who by treating periods as an ordinary, natural process can avoid any shame and awkwardness being passed on to their daughters.”

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