Let’s celebrate refugees

Celebrating refugees is a meaningful way to recognise their resilience, strength and contributions.

Refugees are individuals who have been forced to flee their home countries due to persecution, conflict or violence. They often face immense challenges and hardships as they seek safety and a better life in a new country.

This year, WeAreTheCity is collaborating with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, to announce the launch of the Visa Everywhere Pioneer 20. The list will shine a spotlight on 20 trailblazing refugee women living in Europe, who excel in their respective fields and have a meaningful impact in their new communities.

As we are celebrating and supporting refugees, we thought you could too. Here are some meaningful ways to celebrate refugees:

Raise awareness: Spread knowledge about the refugee experience, their stories, and their challenges. By educating others about the reasons people become refugees, there can be positive contributions and given opportunities.

Volunteer: Engage in volunteer work with organisations that support refugees. Offer your time, skills or resources to help them settle into their new communities. This could involve tutoring, language support, job training or simply being a friendly presence.

Support refugee-owned businesses: Seek out and support businesses owned by refugees in your community. This can provide them with economic opportunities and empower them to become self-sufficient. By supporting their businesses, you contribute to their integration and success.

Host cultural events: Organise events that celebrate and showcase the diverse cultures and traditions refugees bring. This could include food festivals, art exhibitions, music performances or storytelling events. Encourage community participation and create opportunities for refugees to share their experiences and talents.

Advocate for policy changes: Get involved in advocacy efforts to promote fair and just policies that protect the rights of refugees. Support organisations that work to improve refugee resettlement programs, advocate for the rights of asylum seekers and push for comprehensive immigration reform.

Warm welcoming: Try and make a warm welcoming environment in your community by actively engaging with refugees. Encourage interactions and friendships between different cultural groups and challenge stereotypes or discriminatory attitudes. By creating a sense of belonging, you help refugees integrate and thrive.

Share stories and successes: Amplify the stories and successes of refugees. Use social media, local publications or community forums to share inspiring stories of resilience, achievements and contributions made by refugees. This can help combat negative narratives and promote a more positive and accurate understanding of the refugee experience.

Remember, celebrating refugees is not just a one-time event. This is an ongoing commitment to support and uplift them. By embracing diversity and recognising the value refugees bring to our communities, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society for all.

If you would like to support refugees, here are a few links to help you:

British Red Cross   |   UNHRC UK   |   Refugee Council   |   Refugee Women

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