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Lost in Translation…Woman and Man trying to speak together

Apparently the problem is all down to men speaking manese, and women, womanese!

How is it that two people who speak  a common language (English, French, Italian, Swahili, Afrikaans, whatever it is) can understand the syllables that comes together to make a sentence and yet, get lost in translating the real meaning of what is being said. This issue and a big one at that, is even worse on the love  path especially when dating! Apparently the problem is all down to men speaking manese, and women, womanese! It is really baffling and confusing but I guess the only way around it is for me to learn the art of translation!!

So  you  know Paul is still on the scene. Although things are a little bit rosy we’re not in the couple state just yet. Anyhow, we both have been pretty busy these days, he moving apartments and me just being busy with me and you know what…(WiseGirls keep busy). But I still want us to make more time to see each other if we’re going to get somewhere with what we have! After all my overall goal is to find the one and only one for me right?  So we agreed that he would come over to mine to hang out (as the young would say nowadays) !  I got a big positive, absolutely, YES from him! And then guess what happens a few days after making this arrangement – he phones me up and ‘throws a spanner in the works’. He goes on about how he would love to come to my place and all but would have to come in later than planned  as he had a few work related projects to attend to before coming to mine. Pure manese talk to which I translated as he wanted to come in late and maybe, just maybe.. something super exciting may just happen.. Well my Wise Girl antenna couldn’t stop blowing off : Paul,  you have to earn your stripes!!

And so in my own sweet way, I explained very nicely how he shouldn’t bother coming over just to stay for a few hours, after all,  he’ll have to travel for some time through all that traffic to get to mine only to stay for just a few hours and go all the way back to his.. Oh such a long journey to take for just a drink!! So I simply told him not to bother.  But then  check what happened next!  His approached suddenly changed to him convincing me to have him around! Seriously? now you would think, with all good intentions, that he would have thought about that before he even brought the whole work thing up, if that is what it really was!!! Manese vs womanese, who ends up at the better end?!

I don’t really want to say that this is atypical of all guys but I am working towards a goal here which requires a systematic approach in sifting out the riff raff from the best! So I guess it would be in my best interest to  start  learning the art of translation. After all, my all time inspiration Marilyn Monroe and her slightly modern version, Dita Von Teese, all recognised a flaw.. and they both mastered the art of correcting that flaw in their own unique way!

-Wise Girl

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