Network Spotlight: Costa Women

Costa Women
Tell us a little bit about your network (inc. when you were founded, why, how many members and who leads the network) was created by Ali Meehan at the end of 2010. It is a free and friendly website for Women living in Spain, or Women planning on moving here at some time in the future. We currently have over 5500 members

What is your network’s prime objective?

Connect, inspire, enable and support Women during their lives to and around Spain

How is your network helping women to progress in the workplace?

Costa Women offer open business networking events, Conferences and business workshops and courses as well as a jobs page for looking for, or sharing positions for work.

What type of events does your network run? offers social and business networking events, conferences, workshops and courses.

What are the benefits of joining your network?

The chance to make new friends even before you arrive in Spain as well as opportunities to share your business, charity, or hobby

How do our members join your network?

Register for free at

What advice would you give to anyone who is joining a network for the first time?

Share your story under the “New Members” group, join the 20+ geographical groups for the nearest area to you both on the website and Facebook. Attend some of our local meet ups and bring a smile!

Any top tips for new networkers? Why is building your network important?

When moving to a new country, making new connections and friendships can be tough. Building your network is very important. Use social media to find local groups in your area. Be authentic and don’t worry about asking for help – we were all new here once.

Is your network for senior individuals only? Do you have to be a particular level to join?

Members range from early 20s through to 90s. You have access to the internet to join.

Finally, what’s next for your network?

We have just released a book of stories for Women looking at moving to Spain – Spain and Me can be downloaded for free here

Our 5th International Women’s Day Conference taking place on 9 and 10 March 2017 in Marbella in collaboration with 1230 The Women’s Company






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