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BPIC Network

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BPIC is a Community Interest Company providing Business to Business (B2B) services to employers and educators. Our vision is to facilitate careers in construction as well as work with organizations looking to improve their diverse representation including advancement of black and ethnic minority professionals. ​​Created by a wonderful team that are subject matter experts in […]

Playback: Raising Your Visibility On LinkedIn video | Jennifer Corcoran

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In this session Jennifer will help you quickly understand the power of raising your visibility on LinkedIn. Improving your Linkedin Profile and engaging to improve your search. Improve your Linkedin Profile with easy and clear steps to maximise the most out of Linkedin and to engage a wider network. Improving your Linkedin Profile can  be […]
Stride logo featured


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Stride is a London-based network offering quarterly networking meetups, with a discussion panel and speed-mentoring, for women who are early in their career – whether their first job, still finding their feet, or taking a new job in a different sector.   Stride focuses on dismantling the idea that there is one image of success, using […]

Playback: The power of professional relationships video | Andy Lopata

Successful organisations, projects and careers rest on strong professional relationships. Whether with colleagues, clients, suppliers, investors or others, if you have a network developed on deep professional relationships, you then have people who will refer you, advocate for you, feed you advice and insights and support you in whatever ways you need. In this brand […]
WLAM Network featured

WLAM (Women Lawyers and Mothers)

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The project was created for the purpose of tackling the low numbers of female partners in private practice. The network supports female lawyers during and/or after taking maternity leave so they can succeed in both and realise their true potential. We believe that focusing on allowing entry to the legal profession is as important as […]
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Netwomen is a supportive, collaborative community for ambitious women of all ages and backgrounds. Our monthly meet-ups are relaxed and welcoming with a non-salesy style that attracts women who are new to business, those well versed with networking, career women and even women/mums returning to work or setting up their own businesses. The main purpose […]
The Female Social Network featured

The Female Social Network (TFSN)

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Connecting women so they excel in their business and family life. The Female Social Network (TFSN) is home to a collective of Effective Opinion Leaders (EOLs) who create genuine brand endorsement, recommendation and word-of-mouth on a global scale. At TFSN, our EOLs span key speciality areas including Beauty, Fashion, Motherhood, Business, and Health & wellness. […]

Women in International Security UK

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WIIS UK is a branch of the WIIS global network committed to promoting women’s careers and providing a network for women working on international security issues.  WIIS UK is defined by its diversity across age groups, nationalities, sectors, and by its partnership with a wide variety of institutions, such as Chatham House and Jane’s Defence. WIIS UK activities include monthly socials, research-based events, ongoing projects on the role […]
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