Have you nominated for the 2018 FT & HERoes Champions of Women in Business lists?

FT & Heroes Champions of Women in Business

Nominations are open for the 2018 FT & HERoes Champions of Women in Business lists.

The lists serve as a vital reminder that, despite progress, there is still not gender equality in the workplace.

The lists showcase role models by celebrating 100 female business leaders who are empowering women and elevating others as they rise through the ranks. Further lists will showcase the top 50 male business leaders and top 50 female future leaders globally, who are dedicated to creating more opportunities for women.

To find out more and nominate for the lists, click here.

2018 also marks the third year of EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Models lists, presented by the FT.

The lists build on the success of previous years, empowering ethnic minority leaders and encouraging inclusion at all levels of business.

The lists celebrate 100 Ethnic Minority Executives as well as 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders.

For the first time this year there will also be a brand new category, 20 EMpower Advocates. With white people in the majority in senior business positions, they have an important role to play in the fight for more diversity and inclusion in all its forms. The Advocates list will recognise and celebrate executives who are actively standing up against racial discrimination in the workplace.

To find out more and nominate, click here.

Suki Sandhu, founder and CEO of INvolve said, “Our lists exist to drive the empowerment of ethnic minorities and women within business and we are proud to be launching both again in 2018.”

“Role modelling is fundamental to ensuring equality of opportunity and more inclusive workplace cultures.”

“Those who have achieved personal success have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of ethnic minority and female leaders.”

“As we continue to celebrate diversity in the workplace with these lists, we hope to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.”

Rana Ghandour Salhab, No 1 Global Champion of Women in Business added, “I was honoured to be listed amongst the inaugural FT and HERoes global champions of women in business 2017.”

“While some progress on women’s rights has been made across the Middle East region, and significant social and economic changes have played a role in supporting Arab women’s workforce participation, much still remains to be done.”

“Women generally outnumber men in universities in the region and lack neither ambition nor drive to reach very senior roles.”

“I hope the FT and HERoes initiative will spur further dialogue and support from all stakeholders to address societal norms and business culture challenges in the rise of women to positions of senior leadership.”

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