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Article provided by Milda Chellingsworth, Founder of Styling For You

For so many women it can be hard to have the confidence to stand up in a room of business people and stand out.

How you look and feel is intrinsic to this. If you are confident in what you are wearing you will feel good. Only one in ten people wear a suit in the work place and recent research shows that the clothes you wear actually help you with your confidence. It’s not necessarily important know to wear a suit, but with the decline of this uniform comes the inevitably struggle to look good and exude confidence.

Here are my top tips on power dressing in the workplace:

  1.  It’s the whole look that counts and not just a dress or suit.  You need to think about the entire ensemble so accessories, shoes and hair and make up. If you are dressing to impress then you can’t have unloved hair. You don’t necessarily need to go to get your hair & make up done professionally but you do need to give yourself that extra time to do it yourself.   I would recommend choosing what you are going to wear and putting everything out the night before including shoes, bag and jewellery.
  1. Make sure you stand out for the right reasons. It sometimes is hard to get the balance right. And everyone thinks differently. However, for the boardroom i would always suggest skirts cut below the knee, no low cut blouses and nothing showing your stomach. Avoid overly tight bodycon dresses, they might be in fashion but they aren’t for the work place. You want to look powerful but not too sexy.
  1. You don’t need lots of different outfits.  My suggestion would be to have a capsule wardrobe, which includes dresses, skirts & trousers.  These I would team with essential pieces like shirts, t-shirts etc etc. If you have a good base you can swap and change or add something in so it keeps it up to date. Consistency is key when it comes to clothing.
  1. I think it is better to invest in good quality pieces that will last a long time. These pieces need to be looked after well.    For instance, don’t leave your suit on the floor to become wrinkled, hang it up and always iron a shirt. The time you invest in yourself is noticed and people will remember you.
  1. Don’t panic about your wardrobe, ask for advice or hire a stylist who can create and update your wardrobe,

Milda ChellingsworthAbout Milda Chellingsworth

Mother of two, Milda Chellingsworth has had over a decade of experience in personal shopping & styling. Formerly a buyer she has a clear understanding of trends and what will be around season to season. Her experience has meant she has worked with some of the world’s premium brands. Milda founded Styling For You, the luxury personal stylist service in 2010. Milda & her team effortlessly create the perfect wardrobe for you for every occasion – from shopping and gifting, to outfits for that special occasion and last minute fashion emergencies!

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