Don’t just survive with ADHD at work – thrive!

Navigating the working world with ADHD can be tricky business for everyone – but it doesn’t have to be. Understanding what ADHD actually is, how to talk about it at work, identifying what can help and ways to harness it within the workplace can be as overwhelming as getting a diagnosis – until now.

This easy-to-read guide will help you to understand, support, and harness ADHD at work.

It’s written by best-selling author of ‘ADHD: an A to Z’, Leanne Maskell, combining her legal background in mental health and disability law with her experience in running ADHD Works, training companies including Microsoft, Yahoo, and Disney UK on all things ADHD.

Turn ADHD awareness into action by making HR a little more human.

This book is for employers and employees alike, bridging the gap with transparency and accessibility for everybody to make ADHD work at work. It bridges the gap between Human Resources and the humans they’re there to help with professional and personal lived experience – and lots of templates to turn your knowledge into tangible action at work.

Confidently talk about ADHD at work, cultivate disability friendly cultures, and level the playing field by understanding reasonable adjustments that work for ADHD. Learn ADHD coaching and management skills to harness the endless strengths of ADHD at work – no quitting required!

“This book is a masterpiece. The future of work belongs to those who embrace neurodiversity and this book is the perfect guide to start making that happen!”
Lisette Schipper, Neurodiversity Advocacy Lead, Google

“An information-packed guide bursting with knowledge, experience and support to help you get what you need from the workplace in accordance with the law and best practice.”
Sam Walkley, XVO Legal

Please note: this book is focused on the context of ADHD and UK employment, covering topics such as Access to Work and the Equality Act 2010. However, the principles should be applicable to anybody who wants to make ADHD work at work.

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