Recommended Read: Big Talk, Small Talk (and Everything in Between): Effective Communication Skills for All Parts of Your Life | Shola Kaye

Big Talk, Small Talk, Shola Kaye, Recommended ReadEffective communication doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but the good news is you can get better at it with practice and the right tools.

Big Talk, Small Talk (and Everything in Between) is filled with strategies to help you build communication skills and put them into practice in everyday interactions with friends, family, work colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Communicating effectively can create opportunities in your life, foster relationships that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, and smooth over awkward or stressful interactions. Learn how to make engaging small talk and incisive big talk, translate body language and facial expressions, and improve visual and written skills. You’ll find practical tips that help you get the most out of each strategy, scenarios that illustrate each technique in practice, and more.

This book for building effective communication skills includes:

  • Communication 101-Learn about the social importance of effective communication skills and the different ways we communicate.
  • 46 Skill-building strategies-Discover a wide range of tips and tools to help you establish communication skills for any social situation.
  • Real-life scenarios-Explore a variety of common situations where effective communication skills are important, like sparking up a conversation with a stranger or letting someone know they hurt your feelings.
Build strong communication skills with Big Talk, Small Talk (and Everything in Between)


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