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What happens when you are forced to survey the ashes of a life lost? When you ask yourself: what the hell has gone wrong?

Carolyn Hobdey had a successful career, the sports cars, the big house, the holidays, the friends… but it meant nothing. To be genuinely happy, she faced the stark realisation that she needed to completely reset her identity. After years of being told that being ‘selfish’ was wrong, enduring co-dependent relationships with narcissistic partners and toxic work colleagues, often being cruel to herself in her words, thoughts and behaviours, Carolyn learnt there was a need for Redefining SELFISH.

She’s done the work and can now guide you through the process if you recognise yourself in any of the following statements:

  • I feel guilty if I put myself first.
  • I juggle numerous demands for my time and attention.
  • I consider being selfish to be a bad thing.
  • I have an endless ‘to do’ list & never reach the bottom of it (where I am).
  • I’ve previously been called ‘selfish’ for asserting my needs (or I’m led to believe I am for doing so).
  • I feel weary, burnt out, resentful and/or undervalued.
  • I struggle to prioritise my wellbeing.

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About the Author

Carolyn HobdeyCarolyn Hobdey is the author of ‘All The Twats I Met Along The Way’ and founder of the Redefining SELFISH community. She lived a life of shame and blame so is now passionate about pioneering new ways of thinking to ensure we live without guilt and regrets. As CEO of MayDey Ltd, Carolyn is a regular speaker and media commentator on issues of toxic relationships, self-esteem, women’s health (including the menopause), selfishness, narcissism and many other imperative, topical women’s issues.

With over 20 years spent as an award-winning Human Resources professional in some of the world’s largest employers, Carolyn earned a seat at the boardroom table leading internationally recognisable brands. En route, she gained a Masters in Lean Operations at Cardiff University where she was the first HR specialist to undertake the course and became the winner of the inaugural Sir Julian Hodge Prize for Logistics, Operations & Manufacturing.

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