Recommended Read: Secrets and Lies, Tales of an Employment Lawyer | Gillian Howard

If you want to know how real-life lawyers behave, using deceit, lies, and other dastardly methods to try to beat the individual litigant then read on… Gillian lays bare some of the tricks that she has discovered that some solicitors and employers have used, details how she found them out, and how she won.

About the Author

Gillian Howard is an employment lawyer, broadcaster, and author, known as ‘The Rottweiler with a Handbag’ because of her fearsome reputation. She has been described as having nerves of tungsten or titanium. Gillian never gives up for her clients and stands up to bullies, racists, sexists, and anyone professing hatred for minority groups and discriminatory views. She has been instructed by several clients who were ‘on the other side’ and who do not want to find themselves up against her again.

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