Recommended Read: Team Rhythm: Eleven ways to lead your team from overwhelmed to inspired | Iris Clermont

Juggling multiple transformations and diverse business demands can be overwhelming for leaders and their teams – but it doesn’t have to be.

Uncover and embrace the metaphorical and literal aspects of rhythm to create profound connections with your teams and cultivate a thriving co-creative environment. Team Rhythm provides engaging tools and techniques to ensure both leaders and teams feel appreciated and make tangible contributions to business success.

Complemented by thought-provoking illustrations, this practical handbook brings key concepts of team building to life with lightness and humour.


  • Leadership growth and team inspiration with self-reflections and excellent leadership diagnostics
  • A wealth of practical team development exercises
  • New ideas to navigate with candour through challenging aspects of leadership
  • Your team’s potential to achieve added-value outcomes
  • Co-creating an effective and empowering work environment

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