Recommended Read: The Work/Parent Switch | Anita Cleare

The Work Parent Switch - Anita CleareTired of running around in circles trying to fit more work and more parenting into a finite number of hours?

This book moves the goalposts – so you can be the parent you want to be and still have a successful career.

The Work/Parent Switch is about being a great parent by doing less, rather than always trying to do more. Parenting smarter rather than harder, by understanding what your children really need from you. So you can use those bits of time left over when work is done to focus on the right things – connecting with your child and creating a happy family life.

Drawing on developmental psychology and a long career supporting working parents, Anita Cleare MA AdvDip outlines a realistic and practical way to parent that fits into modern working patterns. This book will help you support your children’s development without stretching yourself to breaking point. Now you can build a family life in which you and your children can truly thrive.


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