From ‘Mad Men’ to equality-driven commercial success

  By Melissa Vodegel Matzen, MD, Twelve Agency Don Draper: Let me ask you something: what do women want? Roger Sterling: Who cares? Popular US series, ‘Mad Men’, from which the above dialogue originated, shone a spotlight on the misogyny once endemic in the world of advertising. Advertising is my industry too. Fortunately, the times they are...
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gender equality featured

What action can you take if you’re not being treated equally at work?

Article provided by Claire Kitchen, partner, Hodge Jones & Allen We all know that the law decrees that employers give equal treatment in the terms and conditions of their employment contract where they do the same job. Unbelievably in the current political climate, this sometimes is not obeyed by unscrupulous employers. What if this happens...
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Women's Equality Party

Women across the UK to go ‘Out of Office’ for Equal Pay Day

This Friday, 9th November, the Women’s Equality Party is encouraging women to declare themselves Out Of Office not just for the day but for the remainder of 2018. The gender pay gap means that from this date, they will effectively work for free. By setting Out Of Office notifications, women will be able to draw...
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gender equality featured

The fight for equality now – not in 2047

The fight for equality in the UK approached a turning point on 4th April 2018 when companies were forced to reveal their gender pay gap. The results were as expected – almost eight in ten companies and public-sector bodies pay men more than women. But what did these results actually reveal? The figures and the...
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Mary Photo with Map University of London

A worldwide conversation on women’s higher education and equality in the workplace

All over the world, women’s successes in higher education are not being met with proportionate representation in the workplace. In 2018, The UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report Gender Review noted that there are more women than men in higher education, and graduating with degrees, in almost all regions. However, this educational achievement is not affording...
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gender equality featured

Raising a glass to women everywhere on Women’s Equality Day

On 26th August 1920 women in the USA celebrated as the country officially saw the nineteenth amendment to the constitution adopted, so that no woman would ever be denied the right to vote based on gender. Nearly 100 years later, the 26th August is as an important date to recognise that, while much progress has...
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Carrie Gracie featured

Carrie Gracie reaches an agreement with BBC over pay row

Journalist Carrie Gracie has reached an agreement with the BBC over her equal pay row. In January, Gracie resigned from her role as China Editor over pay inequality for the BBC’s international editors. In an open letter accompanying resignation Gracie said, “I believe I am very well paid already – especially as someone working for...
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Dawn Butler

Theresa May is “no friend of women” says Labour’s Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler, shadow minister for women and equalities, has claimed that Theresa May is ‘no friend of women’. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics, the Labour frontbencher also said that 86 per cent of Government cuts under May have affected women. She told the programme that both Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher had...
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