Recommended Read: Equality vs Equity: Tackling Issues of Race in the Workplace | Jenny Garrett OBE

To achieve racial equity in the workplace, we need to “name, frame and explain where it doesn’t exist”. In Equality vs Equity: Tackling Issues of Race in the Workplace, Jenny Garret OBE helps the reader unpack the concept of racial equity and understand its importance in moving the dial up on inclusion, providing practical tips and language for the reader to act upon.

Equality vs Equity: Tackling Issues of Race in the Workplace is essential reading for those who want to educate themselves and influence others to do the crucial complex work of achieving racial equity in the workplace.

A few media reviews

As usual, I learn from Jenny Garrett OBE every time we interact – this time via her latest fantastic book. Share this hugely practical book with friends, colleagues and others who either want to, or perhaps need to, become more ADEPT at living in a modern world where the global majority deserve far more. – Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris

A book of bountiful evidence and facts on the state of play today in terms of racial equality in UK workplaces. Combining powerful personal experience presented dispassionately with figures and stories from across the recent past, Jenny offers a simple framework to get the reader – who is curious and interested to make a difference – to be part of the solution. A recommended read. – Sarah Churchman OBE

If you read one book this year, make it this one! I have worked with Jenny on a number of occasions and always come away having learnt something and with a renewed vigour to make a difference. The fact [that] Jenny has put her unique storytelling abilities, borne of her lived and professional experience, into a book is just a gift to us all. In her introduction, Jenny talks about the African proverb ‘if you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito’. I couldn’t think of a stronger rally call for everyone to listen, learn and continue making the difference we can […]. – Gareth Hind

In this book Jenny has provided an easy, informative, and engaging resource that bridges the gap between awareness for race equality, and the practical steps we must all take to ensure race equity. This is not just another book about race, this is a playbook that will shift gears for race equity, from conversation to action to long-term impact! – Pauline Miller, Chief Equity Officer EMEA, Dentsu international

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