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Modern travel – female traveller safety considerations

With the summer months approaching and great deals for flights being advertised daily, it sometimes seems like even the remote corners of the world are accessible with a single click and some hours spent on a flight to the next destination. Women travelling or travelling solo is a not a new phenomenon, however recent years...
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Why it’s so important to have female role models

Article provided by Tamara Lohan, CTO & Co-Founder of Mr & Mrs Smith Mr & Mrs Smith only exists because of a romantic weekend that went wrong. My boyfriend had whisked me away to the Lake District for what the guidebook promised would be a few days of luxury, style and sophistication. What we got...
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Almar Jesolo, Italy – City, Beach & Spa | Maiden Voyage Blog

After a hectic year of long-haul business travel, I couldn’t bear the thought of yet another long-distance flight for my well overdue summer holiday. I was looking for something special in Europe that ticked a number of boxes, so I put in a call to the friendly people at Wellbeing Escapes, the experts in spa...
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Swapping home for the Himalayas

Having just returned from a three-week trip trekking Himalayas, I stepped straight back into the bustling day-to-day again almost straight off the plane. We all love to be busy that’s why we push ourselves and thrive to succeed. But I find increasingly that we as a generation (myself included in this) struggle to know when...
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Going it alone: Solo business travel for women

A lot of us are reluctant to go to the cinema by ourselves, let alone travel the world. Despite this, a Tripadvisor study suggests that more people are going solo than ever before: they found that 25 per cent of the millennials surveyed were planning to try solo travel in 2016. But if you’re heading...
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Three steps to set yourself up for a career travelling the world

Where in the world do you want to travel? If you’re anything like me, you just can’t sit still. The idea of staying in one place is just so boring. If you love traveling and the thought of spending your career working nine to five in an office week after week has you banging your...
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Five ways to make business travel more productive

For many working professionals, business travel is part and parcel of their role – with the job requiring anything from annual corporate meetings to bi-monthly journeys overseas. While these trips can strengthen client relationships and help to secure new contracts, it can also be difficult to stay motivated when on the move. Whether it’s sourcing...
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Uncomfort Zone

The Uncomfort Zone: Why is change so hard? | Nandip Aulak

Why is change so hard? Is it because we are wired to do the same thing over and over?  Is it fear of not meeting the expectations that we set ourselves or those set by others? Maybe it is a combination of both factors, but the one thing that is true is that in order to...
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