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A global network of women in banking and finance, affording pathways to new business opportunities, increased knowledge, skills and shared experiences.

W3BF LogoW3BF is a not-for –profit member-based organisation dedicated to focussing on women in banking and financial services worldwide. Unlike other women- focussed programmes W3BF is dedicated primarily to women who make up the majority of the workforce in this sector and are aspirational and on the move professionally, that is women employed in banking and financial services , regulators, banks, the capital markets, accountancy, insurance and finance worldwide and those entering the job market.

The key activities of W3BF are to

  • Facilitate the development of a global mindset through global connectivity
  • Offer a ‘Meeting Room’  where members can create new and innovative financial services and products for women
  • Provide  accredited and practical training to internationally recognised professional qualifications in banking and finance


Members, Donors & Sponsors all agree: investing in international connectivity and financial education and training for women is just plain smart.

Membership levels to meet your needs

Membership is free for individuals (graduates and banking and finance professionals).

W3BF membership is an easy, free yet professional way of connecting to other aspirational women in banking and finance, keeping at the cutting-edge of regulatory and technical information and making business contacts with women active and experienced in the sector in both developed and emerging markets.

Membership includes:

  • Free quarterly journal with original articles by Members and industry experts
  • Membership Card
  • Vouchers for discounts on a wide range of public training courses offered worldwide.
  • Access to The Meeting Room

Banks, financial institutions and corporations are invited to enhance their current Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with W3BF programmes designed to suit your needs. Why not harness this international organisation to develop new products and services, reach new markets and clients or to invest in your own talent via accredited executive training and W3BF Scholarship Funds.For  more information regarding membership for Banks, Corporations, Donors and Sponsors please click here.

Contact Details:

Lisette Mermod
Chief Executive
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 20 7638 5560 (London, UK).

Click here to visit the W3BF website and join today!

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