WATC MEMBERS DISCOUNT: Get a Leafcard for £1

We at Leafcard are passionate about promoting healthy and ethical eating options in the City of London and have developed the perfect tools for those who want to improve their health, and the health of their city.

LEAFCARDWhen Charlotte Trevillion first founded the initiative, her focus was making a directory for vegetarians in the city, but as we began to talk to diners and restaurants we realised we could sweeten the relationship between the two by rewarding those seeking out top notch healthy and ethical dining by giving them a little something extra.

When one of our Leafcard holders presents their Leafcard to a participating eatery and spends at least £5, they receive a free Vegetarian or Vegan main for themselves!

Not only that but we’ve also worked on our website and upcoming app so that we can point our cardholders to the best possible dining options in their area; we walk you straight into the store and you leave full and happy.

All you have to do is head over to leafcard.co.uk and sign up using the promo code ‘thecity’ to get a year’s worth of Leafcard for just £1! That’s a whopping saving of £23 for the year!

When you get the hallowed envelope containing your Leafcard, you’re ready to roll. Just pop on over to our website and see what your closest participating eatery is, stroll on over and chow down on food that you know is not only top of the range but also doing your body and your environment all kinds good.

We are also committed to broadening our network of ethically minded organisations to ensure that we can keep you up to date with new and exciting ways we can help you live healthier on a day-to-day basis. If just everyone pushes a little more in making ethical and healthier choices, then soon we have a whole food and environment revolution on our hands.

We know that as you use ‘WeAreTheCity’ you want to get the most out of living in London, exploring its streets and finding its most unique and interesting events and locations. Let us help you in discovering this great city of ours.

So join us at Leafcard! Eat, drink and be merry and know that you’re making the city you live in just a little bit better by doing so.

Find out more and grab your cards by visiting Leafcard’s website here.

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