What’s hindering your career? Take ten minutes to tell My Confidence Matters your views

My Confidence Matters survey

What’s hindering your career?

Flexible working opportunities, career confidence, work-life balance, tight budgets?

WeAreTheCity is delighted to be supporting a new piece of gender equality research looking at career confidence and the path to leadership. The research is being undertaken by our friends at coaching and research organisation, My Confidence Matters.

For every response received, they are also pledging to pay for a day’s training for a woman in Malawi (and they have already paid for 840 days).

I realise that the summer holiday season is upon us but I would be extremely grateful if you could personally complete the short survey and also forward it on to your teams/networks internally. We’d love to help them to reach their goal of 2,000 responses (and we’d love some more men to complete it!).



The research is being conducted by My Confidence Matters (www.myconfidencematters.com) and is run in collaboration with Dr Geraldine Perriam of the University of Glasgow, Management Today and Capability Jane Recruitment. For further information please see https://www.myconfidencematters.com/research-2019

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