Women’s Equality Party launches a campaign to legalise abortion

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The Women’s Equality Party has launched a campaign to legalise abortion.

50 years on since the introduction of the Abortion Act, WE is campaigning to change the requirement that women in Scotland, England and Wales have to seek permissions of two doctors to access an abortion.

The political party is arguing that this is not a requirement for any other medical procedure, and is raising awareness through its Time It’s Not A Crime campaign.

The week-long campaign will ask members of the party to sign and share online permission slips – based on the NHS forms that require two doctors’ signatures – telling Home Secretary Amber Rudd that she has their permission to legalise abortion.

Party leader, Sophie Walker will also deliver 406,108 permission forms to Rudd to show the number of times women have had to ask for abortions in the last year. Later in the week, she will make a speech in London with people involved in the original act to lay out the future of reproductive rights.

Throughout the week, local activists will campaign with the public to gather signatures for a change in the law.

Speaking about the campaign, Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party, said, “WE consider it an act of violence against us to restrict our reproductive rights.”

“Women should be trusted to make the right decisions for themselves.”

“We can never have equality while we do not have control over our own bodies.”

She continues, “The situation in the UK is bad enough, but women in Northern Ireland may not even negotiate with their doctors to secure an abortion.”

“WE are calling for abortion to be decriminalised and WE will not be satisfied until all women in all areas of the UK have this right.”

Walker concluded saying, “50 years have passed since the abortion act went into law in Great Britain.”

“A step forward at the time, it is clear now that the act is holding us back.”

“We are acting to draw attention to the fact a woman must provide a medical reason for an abortion and cannot obtain one legally because she needs one.”

“It’s time it’s not a crime.”


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