Seven steps to following your dreams

So, you have spent some time asking yourself various questions about what makes you happy, what activities make you lose track of time, what you are naturally good at, what makes you feel great about yourself, who you want to help and what causes you strongly believe in. You also now have an understanding of your values and what you need in order to feel fulfilled in your career and live your life with purpose.  (If you haven’t, check out our Seven Steps to Finding Your Passion)Blue background: Opportunity's somewhere
So what now?

Now, it’s about chasing your dreams or perhaps if you haven’t fully identified what it is you want to be doing, it’s about taking some actions to define it clearly and then chase it.

Remember that famous Benjamin Franklin quote, ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’? It’s about committing to making a change and a difference to how you live your life, whether it’s a small or a major change that you are looking to make. It’s about taking actions and saying ‘no’ to the status quo and remaining complacent and saying ‘yes’ to having focus and determination.

At the end of the day, if you are following your passions you are optimising your life because you are spending more of your time doing what you love and you are fulfilling your potential. And who doesn’t want to be doing that?!

So, what do you need to be successful?

1. Dream big but make sure you chunk it down and then chunk it down some more or you risk getting overwhelmed. Having small manageable steps will make sure you are constantly making progress, but remember to make sure that you stretch yourself so that you are not bored but are kept engaged and maintain momentum. For help with setting yourself up for success check out our article on The Power and Importance of Setting Goals.

2. Be persistent and resilient and don’t give up after the first hurdle or any of the following hurdles. Life isn’t always smooth sailing, even if we wish it were! It’s about navigating through the challenges and overcoming the obstacles that come our way. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies – I can’t, I’m not good enough, I don’t have… And there other times when we are blissfully unaware of our reality and what needs to be improved.

3. Get the right support that will help you develop over time and help you on your journey to get to where you want. The right network of people collectively will praise your performance, support you emotionally, challenge you to develop, shine a torch on your blind spots, have the power to make things happen, help your visibility, make sure you do what you say you’re going to, and objectively listen to you and help you navigate through your personal and professional decisions.

4. Assess your resources– what experience, knowledge and skills do you currently have that will help you achieve your goal? What capabilities will you need to develop to follow your passion? What else will you need to help you bridge that gap to get you to where you want to be?

5. Explore your options– what’s obvious, easy, what’s challenging and what wouldn’t you ever dream of doing, or what if you had all the time in the world? How could you do things differently? What new opportunities can you create for yourself?

6. Take regular action– What steps can you take today to follow your passions? What steps can you take next week? What will you commit to doing on an ongoing basis?

7. Review– take stock and learn from your experiences as you go along and adapt to what you need to do differently going forward. So, make sure you revisit your goals as they may require tweaking as you build up your experience. Regularly review your overall plan of action and have a short-term action plan as it is the repetition of daily actions that adds up to make the difference.

If you’d like some structure and support to help you with following your dreams, we’d be delighted to have a chat with you. To find out how Rutter Coaching could help you find and follow your passion, please book a free no-obligation consultation and check out our website.

Zlatomira Rutter enjoyed a successful and varied 13-year career in the Banking and Finance industry prior to setting up a coaching practice with her husband.

Mira is a Personal Effectiveness, Wellbeing and a Career Coach at Rutter Coaching, specialising in supporting people to take greater control of their lives and realise their potential so that they can achieve more and feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Rutter Coaching delivers 1-2-1 coaching sessions for individuals and groups as well as workshops. Our clients include professionals from a variety of backgrounds including banking, finance, retail, education, charity, fitness and medical sectors as well as business owners and consultants.

You can find out more at and connect with Mira via LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook Page – RutterCoaching or email her at [email protected]Rutter Coaching


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