Are transferrable skills key to getting you the job you want?

Looking back ten years, the workplace was a completely different place. There are many things that we’re discussing now – from remote working to employee wellbeing and engagement – that simply didn’t exist in the public consciousness just a short while ago. Given these changes, it’s unsurprising to find that candidates and recruiters have a...
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Eight skills to grow your career in 2019

January is a month of new beginnings for many – whether that’s going to the gym, making a bid to eat healthier or taking up a long-thought-about project or hobby. However, January should also be a time for us to give our career trajectory a check-in as well. Whether 2019 is the year you’ll reach...
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Claire Granados, Principal, Quest Professional white background hi-res featured

49 per cent of businesses report graduates lack vital employability skills – how can this be improved? | Claire Granados

Claire Granados, Principal at Quest Professional – a business college focused on equipping A-level and university leavers with the business acumen, employability and interview skills required to fast-track aspiring students into the world of work – gives her opinion on how to equip young people with the essential tools to succeed in the world of...
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AllBright Academy featured

Looking to gain skills and network? Apply for a place at the AllBright Academy

Supporting women throughout their career journey is at the heart of what we do at AllBright. Our Academy programme, taking place over ten weeks and encompassing two courses, is designed to help women gain the skills, confidence and network needed to achieve their goals. The Academy courses are aimed at aspiring, early-stage female founders as...
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Heavy workload or inefficient worker? How to spot poor time management skills in the workplace

Time management is a skill that is always required in the workplace. It is important that both employees and managers are both time efficient so that the business has the best chance of success. However it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is inherent poor time management and what is an overloaded employee that...
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My advice to get ahead in your career | Kelly Edwards

Women have had to work hard to elbow their way into the legal profession. Where a few decades ago you’d be hard pushed to find any women in senior positions in firms or in the judiciary, as of last year the President of the Supreme Court is a woman. Take a quick scan of the...
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Analyse your skills feature

31/05/2018 – Analyse Your Skills, Unlock YOUR Hidden Value to Grab Great Roles and More Money! (Online)

Date/Time: 31/05/2018  @ 19.00 – 21.00 Location: Online If you’d like to earn more or open up new career opportunities including finding more satisfying work, but it hasn’t happened yet, then this meeting is for you. Your skill set greatly influences what employers or clients will pay you and what career opportunities are available to...
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Five ways to perfect the art of listening

We learn that in business, communication is everything. We attend courses to help us better convey our thoughts and ideas through our words, in presentations, and in meetings. We read books that promise to teach us how to be more effective in our dialogue. But how often do we ponder the skills it takes to...
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