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October marks ADHD Awareness Month in the UK. ADHD, or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by persistent patterns of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that can significantly impact an individual’s daily life and functioning.

A study conducted in September 2021, estimated that around 3-4%% of adults in the United Kingdom may have ADHD. However, the exact prevalence of ADHD in adults can be challenging to determine accurately, as it often goes undiagnosed or is misdiagnosed in adulthood. At WeAreTheCity we want to increase education, reduce the stigma, and support those affected by ADHD. Having a dedicated awareness month highlights the importance of early diagnosis, and effective treatment whilst also amplifying the experiences of those with ADHD and the challenges they face. In doing so we are spotlighting some amazing organisations and research who are raising awareness and having important conversations on ADHD in women.  

ADHD Girls 

ADHD Girls is an award-winning platform which empowers women and non-binary individuals with ADHD with the knowledge and skills to thrive in society. Founded by Dr Samantha Hiew off the back of her own diagnosis at 40, Sam’s scientific training led her to dig deeper into the truths of our neurodiverse experiences and discover the hidden stories of our lives that impact how we show up and relate to others. Sam built a compassion-based community and gave talks around the country. Here, she found, it to be a safe space where the majority of her audience open and share their experiences. Built on lived experience research with the neurodiverse community, ADHD Girls delivers neuro inclusion programmes within organisations, which follow a framework that embeds best practices to enable teams to harness intersectionality and diversity of thought.  

For individuals ADHD girls hosts ADHD & women talks which focus on lived experience and individual education. 99% of their audience said to have gained a better understanding of how ADHD impacts a woman’s life. 99% felt seen, validated, and connected to find like-minded people and an incredible three-quarters of their audiences claim to feel safe enough to open up and share their lived experiences with the rest of the group.  

For companies and organisations, ADHD girls also carry out Neurodiversity and Integration training and offer neurodiversity consultations to support HR, Hiring, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, People & Culture, Occupational Health, and teams to build a neuroinclusive strategy and culture from the ground up. Following their Neurodiversity and Integration training, 92% felt encouraged to champion intersectional NDs, 86% said it showed them how to spark positive conversations and actions in their own sphere of influence, 88% said they were keen to become an ally or sponsor to intersectional NDs. 

If you think you or your organisation could benefit from the work of ADHD girls, click here to take a full look at their services, and resources. 

Women Beyond The Box 

After a decade of working as a creative within luxury fashion, Emma Case launched her consulting, coaching and training business. Following an ADHD diagnosis, Emma noticed the lack of visibility and representation of women within the Neurodiversity conversation. Women Beyond the Box officially launched on International Women’s day in 2019, with the launch of the now critically acclaimed Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women’ list. 

Women Beyond The Box is a platform to celebrate Neurodivergent women. It acts as a resource and a reference point for Neurodivergent women navigating their own career path within work environments that were not designed with neuroinclusion in mind. Once a year Women beyond the box celebrates women from very different industries and career paths; newly diagnosed, self-diagnosed, late diagnosed and those who have had a diagnosis since childhood. Women of all different races, religions, classes, and ages. Despite these many differences and contrasts between these women’s backgrounds and their intersections; compiled together, their personal stories and career histories paint a common picture of resilience, determination, strength, and creativity.  

Read this year’s Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women 2023 here.  

ADHD Babes 

ADHD Babes is an intersectional support group for Black women and Black non-binary people of African Caribbean descent with ADHD. At ADHD Babes you won’t need to feel the pressure to fit into a box, as it is their intersectionality that makes this organisation stand out. To coincide with their 3-year anniversary, they are running the ‘Outside the Box’ campaign throughout the month of October to raise awareness for ADHD, empower the community, and raise money for their services so we can continue to support you. ADHD Babes are calling upon you to express yourself through art, music, poetry, sculpture, or whatever speaks to your soul. Post your masterpiece, tag them @ADHDbabes, and use the hashtag #OutsideTheBoxADHD. They’ll be reviewing submissions on November 1st, and the most awe-inspiring creation will WIN a care package designed by them! 

Alongside this ADHD Babes host a regular podcast which answers questions by members, and directly addresses the problems, and obstacles faced by their community. To ensure that it is accessible to everyone in the community regardless of financial circumstances, ADHD Babes have a no cost option for babes who would be unable to access the membership otherwise. Becoming a member gives you access to Discord, early access to events, a Mindbody discount and a free self-esteem workshop, plus so much more.   

Genius Within  

Genius Within stands proudly at the intersection of lived experience and expertise. As both a neurodivergent-led and owned business, and by being experts in our field, they have made it their life’s work to help neuro-distinct individuals access their inner genius and be at their best at work. Genius Within’s team of highly qualified Occupational Psychologists, workplace coaches and HR experts understand what works, not only because 68% of their team are neurodivergent/disabled themselves, but they also hold decades of research and experience with clients.  

Alongside providing assessments, coaching and neurodiversity awareness training, Genius Within is also a good and accessible resource for baseline education. Click here to read Genius Withins’ ADHD page.   

Other Resources

Wired Differentlycoaching and therapy, a specialist VA service and a Support & Advocacy service. 

ADHD UK – Resources for those with ADHD created by people with ADHD.  

AADD-UK – A charity specifically for adults with ADHD. 

AHDH Works – An ADHD coaching service.  

ADHD Foundation – A neurodiversity charity with an integrated health and education service.  

Do it Profiler – Neurodiversity training courses and screening tools. 

The Diverse Creative CIC – A community interest company supporting disabled people in accessing relevant training, assessments, finance programmes and coaching.  

Enrich Learning – An online education space that puts students at the centre of learning.  


10/10/2023  ADHD in Women: Misdiagnosed & Misunderstood | 6 Week Course Online

This course will dispel the myths and give a fantastic insight into ADHD in women, including how hormones & pregnancy can affect the condition. Designed & Delivered by Oxford University’s Dr Anneka Tomlinson, you will gain an evidence-based and clinical understanding of ADHD & leave with practical tips on how to manage adult life with ADHD. 

19/10/2023 ADHD, not just for boys!

Join WeAreTheCity at Women in Business and Tech Expo as we discuss ADHD in women on 19th October – Book your place here

24/10/2023  ADHD Connect October Board Game Night | Liverpool

A donation-based event at Melodic Distraction Radio / Melodic Bar and Coffee Shop 

Constance Street, Liverpool, L3 8HB. Expect a night of board games and the opportunity to meet like-minded people and play some board games in a relaxed and friendly setting. 

27/10/2023 ADHD Parenting Workshop | ADHD Care LTD 

An in-person psychoeducational workshop aimed at parents and carers whose children have recently been diagnosed with ADHD. This 2-hour educational workshop introduces ADHD and the ways in which we can help manage ADHD in children. Many parents and carers find it helpful to have the opportunity to talk about their experiences and problem-solve with other parents whose children have been diagnosed with ADHD. 42 High Street, #2nd Floor, Guildford, GU1 3EL.

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