Rich Forever: What They Didn’t Teach You about Money, Finance & Investments in School | Book Launch Exclusive Invite

WeAreTheCity have purchased 50 tickets for our community to attend the launch of Bianca Miller-Cole and Dr Byron Cole’s new book, ‘Rich Forever : What They Didn’t Teach You About Money, Finance and Investment at School’ which is being published this October 12th.  

If you are a signed up member of WeAreTheCity, you can book your free ticket to this fantastic networking event on 13th October and meet the authors through this link here.

Books will be available to purchase on the night.  If you are not a signed-up member of our community, please sign up here – it is entirely free.

About the book

Remember when talking about money was taboo? Times have changed and, in our times, with so many radical and disruptive changes to the economy, the role of the entrepreneur is now embedded at the centre of so much societal and technological change, and digital currencies changing the way we think about exchange, money has become a vital, insistent of conversation for everyone. All of us acknowledge it matters desperately; yet so few of us understand it.

The press and social media are awash with rags-to-riches stories, stories of kitchen table businesses that become multi-million-pound enterprises. Stories of teenagers and young adults investing in digital currencies from their bedrooms. On the flip side of these aspirational stories, there is the reality of the everyday person who simply wants to understand what to and what not to do with their money. Should they save or invest, if they invest – what in, if they save – what for? Should they buy a home or rent, should they live for the moment or live for retirement? How does having credit provide more credit and would insurance be the best bet if all falls around you and what the hell is APR anyway?

Finance and money are topics we all wish we learnt at school but instead, we find ourselves having to ‘learn on the job’, having to do deep investigations and ‘trust’ the advice from online experts. There must be a better way and a better place to go for this insight and here we have it, courtesy of two authors who have known hardship and huge success – ‘What they should have taught you about money, finance and investment at school’ to fill that void.

About the authors

Bianca Miller-Cole is an award-winning entrepreneur, workshop facilitator and internationally renowned professional speaker. In 2014, Bianca was the runner-up on The Apprentice, the BBC television series in which candidates compete in front of millions of viewers to go into business partnership with multi-millionaire tycoon, Lord Sugar. Bianca is the founder of go-to personal branding company The Be Group and her retail brand, Bianca Miller London.

Since writing bestselling book Self Made Bianca has mentored over 1,000 entrepreneurs to assist them in scaling their business to 6–7 figures. She is an in-demand public speaker, non-executive director and was awarded a Power Profile by LinkedIn in 2016 and the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018.

Dr Byron Cole is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, author and business start-up expert with a diverse portfolio of over 21 businesses spanning the UK and UAE.

As a business mentor, he has had the privilege of guiding countless individuals towards success, generating millions of pounds for their mentees.

His published works include Self Made, a comprehensive guide covering the entire business development process, from start-up to exit. It offers practical and implementable advice. Additionally, The Business Survival Kit, achieved Sunday Times bestselling status in the UK.

In 2022, Byron’s dedication and contributions to entrepreneurship were recognised by the University of Greenwich, where he was honoured with an honorary degree. This recognition further validates his commitment to excellence and reinforces his status as a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial realm.

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