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The founder of Calla Shoes shares her top tips on balancing motherhood with launching a new business.

For many women striking the balance between motherhood and career can be a tough challenge, especially if they’re starting a new business.

But when Jennifer Bailey was pregnant with her youngest child, she decided to start her first business, Calla Shoes, a range of beautiful shoes for women with bunions.

Like all entrepreneurs, she found that starting a business is a busy, stressful time, but combine that with two children under the age of six and it can add logistical and emotional challenges, if not managed correctly.

Here, Jennifer Bailey, shares her top tips on balancing parenthood and achieving personal career goals.

It takes a village to raise a child…

So utilise that village. The childcare for my youngest child is split between nursery and family members and my oldest child is at school, but stays late at clubs – the school day simply isn’t long enough for me to get all my work done. I appreciate the help and support our family and friends provide, and the children enjoy their time in different environments.

Prioritise family time…

This is extremely important to me and my husband, so we make sure we schedule it in at weekends and evenings, where there’s no emails or mobiles, and the focus is 100 per cent on the children. Being strict with myself and allocating time for family and work means I don’t spend those periods feeling guilty or not focusing on the task at hand.

Have a schedule…

I make sure that I am always available to take the children to school and childcare, so they have that consistency in their routine. I use a day to view planner and then make sure I plan my day and give myself as much structure as possible. In the evenings, when the children are in bed, I log back on to make sure I can be free when it gets to the weekends.

Focus on the positives…

It can be easy to feel guilty as a working parent, consistently worrying if more time should be spent with the children. However, rather than getting consumed with guilt I focus on the positives. I am actively trying to build a better future for my children and this doesn’t necessarily just mean financially. As a mother to two girls it is extremely important for me to be a positive role model. I am teaching them that they can achieve whatever they want, if they work hard enough.

Celebrate the milestones…

Both professionally and personally, and get the whole family involved. Whenever I reach one of my business objectives I take the time to share this success with my husband and children. This is why they understand what I am working so hard to achieve.

About the author

Jennifer Bailey is founder of Calla Shoes.

Calla is specifically for women suffering from bunions. No longer willing to compromise, long-term bunion sufferer, Jennifer, launched the online site to help millions of women who suffer from bunions.

Calla’s range of beautiful shoes, made with super soft luxury materials, can be found exclusively online at

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