Entrepreneurial mum launches subscription box to empower young girls


An entrepreneurial mum has launched a subscription box to empower young girls.

BAEBOX is a subscription box with a difference; each month its subscribers receive positive and motivational messages printed on cards, along with four carefully selected products. These include lifestyle products, stationery, fashion accessories, toiletries and confectionary.

baebox-september-subscription-box-8Rosie Shelley launched BAEBOX to help make a positive difference in the lives of girls and young women. The boxes aim to remind the girls that receive them that they are fabulous, special and valued individuals. The boxes also encourage them to believe in themselves, to follow their own path and to be themselves.

Speaking about her decision to create the business, Shelley said, “I’m aware just how difficult growing up can be, not just because I have a 13-year-old daughter but because I found those years challenging myself and that was before the age of digital.”

“Now it is even harder to switch off and escape it all.”

“Many girls at this age start comparing themselves to others and questioning their value and place in their world.”

“It’s a time of change and uncertainty. It’s also the time they are bombarded with marketing messages to look a certain way, to maintain a certain weight, to be perfect.”

baebox-teen-squareA mum-of-one, Shelley is a community manager in the corporate world by day, entrepreneur by night. Shelley launched BAEBOX in September this year with just a box for children aged eight to 12. After repeated requests for a box for older girls too, BAEBOX teen launched on 1st November.

Shelley continues, “Already I’m hearing of girls going off to school feeling more confident because they’ve pinned the cards to their bedroom noticeboard and started looking at them each day, or they’ve taken them to school in their pocket to look at when they need to.”

“It’s great to hear the positive messages are being seen and heard, that the boxes are making a differences.”

To find out more about BAEBOX, click here.

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