Introducing Plate spinner – The Abigail Nash Blog


I share many similarities with Abigail Nash, the plate spinner who appears in this blog. Mainly because Abigail is written by myself. But I have made Abigail a little younger than me, because why wouldn’t I? I have two boys, a husband, a house and a career, and plate spin with the best of them. This blog is about that… how we are all meant to do everything, keep all those plates whirling, and not smash anything. I am sure I have smashed loads, it’s just that I haven’t got time to look down to find out how many.

The blog, I hope, will be the funny side of all this, of a woman trying to do a lot, run a business and getting baby sick in her cleavage in the process.

Because if I didn’t see the funny side, I may well lie down amongst all that broken crockery and simply never get up again…

If you enjoy Plate Spinner: the Abigail Nash blog then you might want to pop on over to, where I write a parenting blog exploring more fully weighty parenting concepts such as: How many chocolate buttons does it take for a four year old to put his coat on? I have also published a book on my experience of being pregnant and a mum, called Womb with a View. The paperback is for sale here: and the Kindle version is on Amazon, where you will also find reviews of the book. And before you ask, no, I didn’t pay any of them to say those nice things.

Check out Abigail’s blog here.

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