Lack of women on boards | Infographic

The boardroom is where strategic decisions are made, governance applied and risk overseen.

It is therefore imperative that boards are made up of competent high calibre individuals who together offer a mix of skills, experiences and backgrounds. Board appointments must always be made on merit, with the best qualified person getting the job. But, given the long record of women achieving the highest qualifications and leadership positions in many walks of life, the poor representation of women on boards, relative to their male counterparts, has raised questions about whether board recruitment is in practice based on skills, experience and performance.

Despite a lot of progress at board level, boardroom representation is still uneven.

Each year, the Fortune 500 ranks the top public corporations in the US by their gross revenue. Out of the top 10 companies from the Fortune 500 list, how many women hold executive positions?


ladies-and-gentlemen-of-the-board-1, women on boards



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