Martha Silcott | Inventor and CEO, FabLittleBag™

Martha Silcott

FabLittleBag was a slow burn, was born out of awkwardness and frustration; at a friends house at a dinner party Martha was forced to do ‘The Handbag Smuggle’ she was on her period and had to change her tampon, but, there was no bin in the downstairs loo! Forced to wrap in reams of toilet roll and sneak it up her sleeve then into her handbag at the dinner table; her evening was ruined.  

Following her HandBag Smuggle experience, she did further research into how other people disposed of period products. It was not pretty! The realisation that along side awkward and embarrassing binning scenarios, 40-50% of women habitually flushed leading to pollution of rivers, oceans and beaches with period waste.  

Surely there had to be a better way! There wasn’t so Martha invented one; FabLittleBag was born. 

FabLittleBag is a unique, patented sustainably sourced disposal bag for tampons, pads and condoms. It is opaque, seals closed and is easy to use with one hand.  

She started the journey whilst still working in the corporate world, it took almost 7 years for her patent to be granted and this proved the turning point when she made the leap from working in a steady paid job to focus on creating and launching FabLittleBag into the world. Cue rollercoaster….. 

FabLittleBag is often referred to as “ the best thing I never knew I needed” by people! Periods remain a taboo subject (though it is improving in recent years,) but disposal is the taboo within the taboo of periods, no-one really discusses their disposal experiences!  

Launching a new product into a new category in a taboo subject was not easy; most decision makers were (and remain) middle aged men with no empathy for the change that FabLittleBag seeks to bring about, so education is key. 

Sustainability is core to the brand. Made from 60% sugarcane, 30% recycled material and 10% renewable cornstarch and vegan glue. 

FabLittleBag’s are fast becoming a handbag essential for women & adorn the cubicles of offices, hotels, restaurants, aeroplanes & cruiseships, sports clubs and oil rigs, the MOD also uses them. Selling globally via Amazon, and on-line channels such as Ocado, and distributors in the USA, Australia and Ireland. 

Mission: to educate and convert all those who flush tampons, applicators and pads down the toilet, as they cause blockages and pollution in our rivers and oceans, and to replace feelings of awkwardness, embarrassment, and stress when disposing with feelings of being  relaxed, and confident.  

Martha is also passionate about periods not being a barrier to participation in sports and has created a Period Positive Club movement, attracting clubs of all sizes and across all sports (cricket, rugby, football, hockey, badminton, rowing,) with Olympic athletes, and top sportswomen singing Fab’s praises.  

In Feb 2022 she launched HyGeeni Bag – the new multipurpose sustainably sourced disposal bag for nappies, incontinence products (male and female) and personal medical devices like Ostomy Bags and Catheters. These share the key attributes of FLB being opaque, sealing forensically closed, and providing much needed discretion.  

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