Menopause Awareness Month: Awakening women all over the world to find themselves

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Article by Ali Mortimer, Co-Founder of The Limitless CEO.

In my 46th year, you could say that I am approaching ‘The Change’. The change in our body that every woman fears – the night sweats, the anxiety that fogs our brain, the saggy knees and loss of libido!

If you feel this, then I would love to help you reframe this incredible period in your life as ‘The Awakening’.  This is the time in our lives where as women, we have the opportunity to shed what no longer serves us physically, mentally and emotionally.  It is the wake-up call we have been waiting for to implement change in all areas of our life.  The louder it is, the more we need to lean in and hear what our bodies and more importantly, what our souls are trying to tell us.

My awakening happened as I turned 40; I felt the changes in my body at the same time as my Mum died suddenly and my marriage hit the rocks.  I was diagnosed with PTSD, Clinical Depression, an eating disorder that left me scarily thin and insomnia that wreaked havoc on my mental and emotional health.  My self-esteem and confidence plummeted to an all-time low.

The Peri & Menopause can make us feel as though we have stepped in to a thick fog; we can’t even see or find any remanence of who we used to be.  We no longer have the energy to dance the night long; we question every thought and decision and procrastination and frustration keep us playing in the shadows of our life.

For many women, the menopause happens around the same time as our children become more self-sufficient, fly the nest and we are left with a blank page that frightens us.  Who are we now?

This is the awakening.

This is the time to find our way back to ourselves.

The first step towards ourselves, is a little bit of love. Self-love.  And a good dose of inner healing.

Self-love is more than just a beautiful bath and candlelight, although setting the atmosphere to re-connect with your feminine soul can help.  Our human bodies, our physical form is setting the stage from motherhood to ownership; ownership of your life.  This is the time for you to lead yourself to who you want to become and then define the legacy that you wish to leave behind.

The years ahead are our diamond years;  the time we become the polished version of ourselves, to shine a light that will continue well beyond our human form.  I heard it once said that we die 3 times; the first time is when our heart stops, the second when our physical form is no longer and is one with the earth.  The final time we die is the last time someone speaks our name.

This ‘Awakening’ is the time for women to create this legacy, the whispers of our name through our generations of how we made them feel, the traditions we created, leaving behind the feeling of love that transcends time.

As Limitless CEO’s – consciously evolved owners – we stand for limitless women, creating lives where our souls are unleashed, they are following desires and dreams.  We create a life with intention, responding to all the changes and evolving alongside them and taking radical responsibility for ourselves, of who we are, who we want to be, defining our future and accepting the past that brought us to where we are.

Waking up your soul and following your heart. This is how we find our way back to ourselves, a better version, the mature, confident, timeless beauty that lights up a room. 

The Change becomes the Awakening; the awakening of your soul, the awakening of your heart to create the most beautiful story for the generations to share long after you have gone.

About the author

The Limitless CEO’s – Ali & Em – leading a new paradigm of feminine leadership. Ali & Em are a power duo who support women through 2:1 coaching, masterminds, coaching programmes and free online content. Ali is the Mind Master and Energetics Creator, whereas Em is the Online Business Strategist and Visionary. Between them they boast not only experiences in senior roles in the corporate world, have been directors in multiple businesses, and also have relevant qualifications from the highly acclaimed Oxford College of Marketing, to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. To find out more and receive daily inspiration you can follow them on Instagram @forthelimitlessceo or inside their private Facebook community – The Limitless CEO Group.

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