Most progressive countries on maternity leave around the world

With studies concluding almost as many women with children (74.1 per cent) participated in the labour force as women without, in 2014, women who are juggling careers and motherhood benefit from flexibility at work the most.

Recent research from Catalyst shows Women account for 40 per cent or more of the total labour force in several countries, making flexible working hours, extended maternal leave, breastfeeding rooms, free education and free healthcare just a few of the ways that some countries build the best working environments for mothers.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, who are calling for a better gender-balanced world in the workplace, Instant Offices have looked countries with the most progressive approaches into maternity, and general parental leave around the world, including additional benefits encouraging mothers to be comfortable and engaged at work before, during and after pregnancy.

The results: European countries are some of the most progressive for maternity leave and benefits for working mothers.

Maternity Leave Around the World - Instant Offices

Credit: Instant Offices

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