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How to get what you want in 7 weeksAs New Year hits, so do our new year’s resolutions – surveys show each year we’re determined to get new jobs, make new friends, earn more money and start new hobbies.

But what if this January we actually have the tools to make our resolutions stick?

How to Get What You Want in 7 Weeks is your fool-proof, hard-hitting action plan to achieving your goals in 2019. And it starts with a powerful realisation – are the goals you’ve set yourself your own life goals, or someone else’s? Will these goals actually transform your life and make you happy? The answer is probably no.

Leading life coach, NLP trainer and mindfulness coach Julie Provino knows all too well that success and life happiness aren’t measured by external goals – they’re measured internally. Have we all been chasing after the wrong thing? In her life-changing new book she reveals how to truly get what you want – by rediscovering yourself and retraining your brain to live a life filled with purpose and excitement.

Using mindfulness exercises and neuro-linguistic programming techniques, Julie expertly guides you through a seven week programme to:

  • Manage stress
  • Build self-confidence
  • Eliminate negative thinking
  • Integrate goal-setting for success
  • Bring mindfulness into the flow of daily life

The techniques featured in the book transformed Julie’s life. They helped her to bounce back from career burnout, quitting her job and almost losing her marriage to learning resilience, founding two highly-successful businesses, balancing life as working mum-of-2 and a healthy, happy marriage.

Alongside the book, is a practical workbook bursting with daily exercises and handy tools to retrain your brain to discover your true self, what you really want and how to make it happen – in just seven weeks.

How to Get What You Want in 7 Weeks is out now, priced £14.99. To find out more go to:

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