Recommended Read: Sweats, Frets but no Regrets | Dr Louise Taylor

Sweats, Frets but no Regrets by Dr Louise Taylor‘A game-changer of a book that every woman should read in her forties – and re-read constantly over the next decade.’

Celia Walden, US Editor-at-Large Daily Telegraph

A journey through the expected and unexpected symptoms of the peri and menopause to help you understand and thereby be in charge of the next big phase of your life.

Using the author’s own experience of the menopause to anchor the book, this is a light hearted account of the changes the perimenopause and menopause will bring whilst sharing anecdotal and research based support to guide you.

Covering the reasons why the body and mind are changing with an offer of lifestyle additions that can offset or allay some of those changes. Sleep hacks, understanding the role the microbiome plays, coping with brain fog and so much more.

Dr Louise Taylor is a GP working within the NHS. She is also a yoga teacher and breathwork instructor. You can find her at and



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