September is a time to reflect on your career and here’s why

Reflecting on one’s career in September can be a natural response for a variety of reasons.

As the warmth of summer begins to wane and the first hints of autumn colour the world around us, the month of September often serves as a poignant juncture for many to pause and engage in introspection. Particularly in the context of one’s career journey. This cooler transition seems to evoke a sense of contemplation, prompting individuals to reflect upon the paths they have traversed and the milestones they have achieved.

Whether driven by the natural rhythm of the changing seasons or spurred by the return to routines after summer’s respite, September invites us to assess our professional endeavours with a perceptive eye. It is a time when we seek to measure the distance travelled from the vantage point of where we once stood, evaluating the goals realised, challenges conquered and the personal and intellectual growth we’ve experienced along the way.

This introspective interlude is not merely an exercise in nostalgia, but a pivotal moment to re-evaluate our aspirations, recalibrate our trajectories and rekindle our passions as we look forward. From the shifting of the natural world to the evolving narratives of our own lives, September stands as a reminder that growth is a continuous journey. Self-reflection is a compass that guides us towards fulfilment and success.

Here are a few reasons that you may be contemplating your career:

Back-to-school mindset.

September often marks the beginning of the school year in many places. This back-to-school mentality can trigger a sense of renewal and a desire to evaluate one’s progress in their career.

End of Summer.

In many cultures, September means the end of summer and the start of a new season. This change can prompt people to consider new beginnings and set goals for the rest of the year.

Q3 evaluation.

September marks the end of the third quarter of the year for many companies. This can be a time for employees and employers alike to assess the progress made toward annual goals, projects and objectives.

Annual review period.

Many companies conduct annual performance reviews toward the end of the year. Reflecting on one’s career in September might be a preparation for these upcoming reviews.

New Year resolutions.

Some people treat September as a time to revisit or revise their New Year’s resolutions. This included career-related goals, as they realise there’s a limited time left in the year to make meaningful progress until the New Year.

Planning for the future.

With the remaining months of the year, people might be thinking about their career trajectories and planning ahead for promotions, job changes or other career moves they want to make in the coming year.

Personal growth.

The fall season can evoke a sense of personal growth and change and this might extend to career-related reflections. People may assess whether they are on the right path or if changes need to be made.

Christmas holiday considerations.

As Christmas approaches, people might reflect on their careers to determine if they’re in a position that aligns with their values and priorities. Especially if they’re seeking more work-life balance.

The timing of career reflection can vary greatly from person to person. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Some individuals might prefer to reflect on their careers at other times of the year based on personal milestones, company practices or other factors that are significant to them.

In summary, the act of contemplating one’s career journey in the month of September is a harmonious convergence of both external and internal rhythms. As we go from summer to autumn, the world undergoes change. This transformational energy often resonates within us, inspiring retrospection. The return to routines after a leisurely break also prompts us to evaluate our professional paths. Whether prompted by the changing seasons or an inherent drive for self-improvement, September offers a valuable opportunity to take stock of our achievements. Also, to reassess our goals and realign ourselves with our passions. Just as nature embraces change, we too can use this moment to embrace the evolution of our careers.  Draw inspiration from the beauty of the world around us.

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