In the age of flexible working, why are we still so stressed?

  It is widely accepted that a happier, healthier workforce is a more productive, efficient workforce.  Yet increasingly the media paints a picture of a reality at odds with this; the Office of National Statistics has highlighted Britain’s poor productivity compared with other leading western economies. Stress is flourishing in high-pressure workplaces such as law firms, banks, and financial services companies. Work-life...
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Why your mental wellbeing needs to be your number one priority at work

Recently, a spate of articles have emerged praising CEO Ben Congleton for his response to his employee’s out of office email. It wasn’t a message of thanks for their work on a tough report, or a heads-up that the car park rota is about to change; he was heralding his employee Madalyn for being open...
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28/03/2018 – Uncover Your Hidden Patterns and Blindspots to Triple Your Impact and Get Ahead! (Online)

Date/Time: 28th March – 19.00 to 21.00 Location: Online Price: £5.00 If you feel you could achieve more in your career, but something (that maybe you can’t quite put your finger on) seems to be holding your back, then this meeting is for you. Perhaps you’ve honed your functional knowledge, and developed your communication skills...
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19/03/2018 – Analyse Your Skills to Bag the Opportunities and Rewards You Desire! (Online)

Date/time: 19th March 19:00pm to 21:00pm Location: Online Price: £5.00 If you’d like to open up new career opportunities, increase your financial rewards or discover more satisfying work but it hasn’t happened yet, then this meeting is for you. Many factors influence your career opportunities, but a critical one is the skill set you’ve developed...
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A splash of colour: how the shades you wear can influence your interview

You may be aware of the study of colour psychology. It’s based on the idea that the colours around us affect us on an unconscious level, influencing our mood and our choices. You may have come across facts like how our brains are naturally disposed to see red first, or that the colour orange makes...
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Mentor, apprentice

Don’t give up on mentoring! | Future Leaders Blog

Many mentoring programmes fail, despite the best of intentions and even well laid out plans. But it doesn’t have to be that way – and the answer spells ‘organic mentoring’. If you’re not familiar with the concept, then let us have a quick look at it. Organic Mentoring Organic mentoring is when mentoring happens naturally,...
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Five tips for working in London

London: the social, economic and culture capital of Britain. Its pull for the recently graduated youth, fresh faced and eager to begin their post-uni lives as a ‘real person’ is undeniably magnetic. There is always so much to do and see, as well as a seemingly infinite array of career opportunities for bright young grads...
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Top Tips for Moving Ahead With Your Career

The job market is more competitive than ever, and people are taking all sorts of steps to strengthen their position and employability, from Masters Degrees to volunteer work. Here, Specialist Orthodontist and entrepreneur Anthony Lam of Elleven Dental provides a few top tips to consider when looking to advance your career. Know What You Want It may seem obvious, but...
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