How to get a good work life balance (F)

The art of work life balance is to stop balancing

The search for the perfect work life balance seems ideal and yet in many way the words do not make sense. When you think about work life balance create in your mind a picture of doing that – do you feel content and happy? Probably not. That’s because trying to balance life and work becomes...
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Get Social for Business Success2

Can you be professional and personal on social media?

Personal relationships have always played a role in winning new business. The way in which people interact, especially via social media, has had a profound impact on the quality and depth of business relationships. More and more people are realising that the extra interaction now possible online can help reinforce and build relationships. It keeps...
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How often are you up close and personal?

There’s no substitute for the live version of you It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of reality; instead of picking up the phone to speak to someone, you drop them an email or send a text.  Rather than sending a note, you can instant message, Skype message or send an eCard.  Instead...
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