Unlock the power of your personal brand with a standout CV

In today’s competitive job market, your CV is more than just a list of your educational background and work experience, it’s a personal brand statement. Think of it as the first opening pitch in an interview. It needs to grab attention, make a memorable impression and above all, reflect the unique blend of skills and experiences that you bring to the table.

A well-crafted, well-thought-out CV communicates not just what you’ve done, but who you are and how you can contribute to a potential employer. It’s about weaving your qualifications, achievements and personality into a compelling narrative that speaks directly to the needs and values of your prospective employer.

Start with a strong headline

Your name and contact information should be clear and prominent, but right beneath that, add a headline, a short, punchy statement that defines your professional identity. Think of it as your tagline, something like “Dynamic Marketing Specialist Driven by Creativity and Data.”

Showcase your unique selling points

Identify what sets you apart from others. This could be a particular skill, a unique combination of experiences or an innovative way of solving problems. Make these selling points the stars of your CV.

Keep it simple and sleek

Use a clean layout with plenty of white space. Don’t overcrowd the page. Use bullet points to break down information into digestible pieces. Stick to a simple font and a professional colour scheme, perhaps adding just a touch of colour to highlight section headings.

Tailor it

Adjust your CV for each job application. Highlight the experience and skills that are most relevant to the position. Use keywords from the job description. This makes it easier for hiring managers and applicant tracking systems to see that you’re a match.

Add a dash of personality

In your statement or descriptions of your past roles, let your personality come through. This doesn’t mean being informal, but it does mean showing a bit of who you are. For example, “I thrive in fast-paced environments and am passionate about building compelling, user-focused experiences.”

Quantify achievements

Whenever possible, add numbers to your achievements. Instead of saying “led a successful project,” say “led a team of 10 in a project that boosted efficiency by 20% within 6 months.”

Include only relevant information

While it might be tempting to list all your past jobs, focus only on the ones relevant to the job you’re applying for. This keeps your CV short, focused and makes your relevant experiences stand out.


Errors can make a bad impression. Double-check your CV for typos and grammatical mistakes. Then have someone else look it over with fresh eyes.

Consider adding testimonials

If you’ve received praise from past employers or clients, include a short quote or two in your CV. This adds credibility and gives a voice to your accomplishments.

Keep it current

Regularly update your CV. Even if you’re not job hunting at the moment, keeping your CV up to date means you’re always ready for whatever opportunity comes next.


By following these guidelines, your CV will not only present your qualifications but also tell the compelling story of your professional journey engagingly and authentically. Let your brand shine through every word.

Crafting a CV that stands out is an art. It’s about finding the perfect balance between professionalism and personality, showcasing your achievements without overshadowing your character. Your CV is a living document that should evolve as you do. Regular updates and tweaks allow it to remain relevant and reflective of your current professional status. By treating your CV as an integral part of your brand, you ensure it remains a dynamic and potent tool in your career advancement arsenal.

Whether you’re actively seeking a new role or just keeping your options open, a polished and up-to-date CV is your ticket to exciting opportunities.  Let it be a true reflection of your professional journey and a beacon to future possibilities.

Check out our dedicated career section here for simple, helpful tips on getting ahead at work. Whether you’re just starting or looking for a change, we’ve got advice to help you move forward. Discover how to make your CV stand out, ace interviews and navigate your job with confidence.

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