tired woman sleeping at her desk featured

Nearly one in ten UK employees work more than 20 hours extra a week

A recent study conducted by Love Energy Savings discovered that eight per cent of British employees work a staggering 20 hours or more each week than their contracted hours. The survey of UK workers found that over 35 per cent of employees regularly arrive at work early or stay late, and that younger people are...
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BAME domestic violence and abuse featured

How to avoid burnout in your career & personal life

Are you caring for others on a regular basis? Do you forget to care for yourself? Then almost assuredly you are on a downward path to a burnout emotionally, psychologically and physically.  More and more women in particular, but men as well are finding themselves in the position of having children at home, elderly parents...
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Tired at work? We could have the answer

We’ve all struggled through days at the office in a haze of exhaustion after late night working or partying. But what about the days when you feel you just can’t get out of bed, and you have no idea why your limbs feel like lead and exhaustion seems to dominate your mind? There are a...
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